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Michelangelo was a man of many trades who, throughout his life, created, painted, and designed artistic masterpieces.He was a marvel of his time..“He was celebrated as the greatest artist ever because of his great work in the areas of sculpting, painting, drafter, architecture, and poetry”.

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A genius with his ingenuity and thought process in the way he came up with the ideas that have now become modern masterpieces and wonders to us. Hard work and education to his true passion led to his success and fame in cities all around. He is a man who truly lived life to the fullest.

He worked every day of his life and finally rested on his deathbed. Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 (Summers 483). His full name is Michelangelo did Ladylove Bonaparte Simmons (“Michelangelo’). He was born in a small village of Cappers in Valerie (Arizona 4). His father was Leonardo did Burrito Simons (“Michelangelo’). His mother’s name was Francesca did Amanita De Sera (Arizona 4). He had four other brothers (“Michelangelo’). Due to his mother’s illness he was placed with a family of stone cutters. She died giving birth to the fifth child in 1481 (Arizona 4).

It might have been his grammar school friend, Francesco, six years his senior, who introduced Michelangelo to the painter Director Giordano (“Michelangelo’). His father agreed to apprentice him at age thirteen. There he was exposed to the technique of fresco. Before his apprenticeship had completed, he stopped painting and took on sculptures (Summers 483). At the recommendation of Giordano, he moved into the palace of a great paint named, Florentine ruler Lorenz “the Magnificent” De Medici was influenced by Napoleonic thought.

This was a fertile time for Michelangelo. His time with the Medici family was 1489 to 1492 (“Michelangelo’). After the Medici family lost power he began to travel. During his younger years he began to study anatomy (Summers 483). He studied under sculptor Bordello did Giovanni. He obtained permission from the church to study cadavers. These combined influences led to his distinctive style: muscular precision and reality combined with an almost lyrical beauty (“Michelangelo’). His earliest surviving sculpture is a small unfinished relief of a battle, done when he was sixteen.

It shows the obvious influence of ancient Roman marble sculpture belonging to Lorenz Summers 483). He lived in Rome from 1496 to 1501. As a student in Rome he was called “Universal Genius” (“Michelangelo’). His drawing career lasted over seventy years, and he was able to change his style to fit the period of time (Michelangelo’). Michelangelo was able to do as many as three projects at a time. He was a great sculpture early in life, and then he learned how to draw and paint. Like most artists of his time he painted religious scenes.

He was a Catholic and most of his drawings and painting resemble his beliefs in his artwork (“Michelangelo’). His first marked success was a life size statue of the Roman wine god Bacchus held in Rome. At age twenty-three, he carved a version of the traditional Pieta (“Michelangelo’). From 1508 through 1 512, Michelangelo time was occupied by The Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Michelangelo largest and most famous paint was that on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (Castle, pig. L). The Pope died in 1513, and then Michelangelo signed a contract with Julius to build a tomb, but it had to be finished within seven years.

However, Michelangelo attention was not on the tomb exclusively. After Leo Ax’s election Michelangelo was hired to refurbish the facade on the Papal Chapel in Castle Gentleman’s, Rome. Between 1514 and 1521 he signed several contracts to sculpture and paint art. Another contract was signed with Julius to build a smaller Julian Monument, and it was drawn up in 1516. Many people think that Sultan’s Tomb was not Michelangelo best work, but this only the media’s idea about his work. Michelangelo was also a great painter. He produced a few easel paintings.

His ambition was truly seen in his paintings (“Michelangelo’). Michelangelo was painting sutures early in the 16th century. During that time he was making some cartoons, but very few were published. “One of his cartoons, Battle of Casino, was highly influential, but the cartoon somehow disappeared”. The Sistine Ceiling is one of Michelangelo greatest paintings. It is probably his most well known piece of art. The Pope asked Michelangelo to redo the ceiling because the Pope thought that the gold background with blue stars were not powerful enough to be in the Sistine Chapel.

Michelangelo had many drawings to pick from, but he decided to go with the helve Apostles design. Some of Michelangelo late work was also really good, such as The Last Judgment. Gigolo Dad Fabian didn’t like Michelangelo, so he tried to destroy his reputation by saying that Michelangelo painting was no good, but according to most, it was one of Michelangelo greatest paintings. He also painted the “Last Judgment” over the altar in the chapel. The “Last Judgment” took 6 years for him to finish, from 1535 and 1541 Michelangelo was also able to draw with the best of them.

Most people use their drawing ability to get an education, but Michelangelo used raring as a way to express his feelings. Many of Michelangelo drawings became collector items during the sass’s; many people didn’t accept the drawings. Michelangelo gave his drawings as gifts during special holidays. During the 20th century many people started to accept his drawings. Michelangelo was also an architect. One great piece he did was for the Medici Family. It was a miniature model for Leo Ax’s Chapel at Castle Sandstone’s, Rome. It looked like Julius tomb, but it didn’t have that much sculpturing work. The miniature model for Leo Ax’s Chapel at Castle Sandstone’s, Rome took him a long time to complete, because there were so many details which need to be perfectly placed”. Michelangelo was able to do so many things at once which influenced many people, and those people didn’t realize how great Michelangelo art was until his death. Many people think Michelangelo was sent by God to paint, draw, and sculpture. Michelangelo became a very powerful person during his lifetime. He was great friends with most of the kings and queens in most of the countries (“Michelangelo’).

Michelangelo didn’t leave any teaching notes or any of his followers. Michelangelo is one of the most talented artists ever, and he was one of the creators of the Roman High Renaissance with Leonardo dad Vinci. Michelangelo drawings, paintings, sculpturing, and architecture work is still very popular in today’s society. Michelangelo will still be the most influential artist leading into the 21st century. Michelangelo was also a magnificent architect. In 1560, he designed a dome to cover a massive opening, on the Sistine Chapel. They began to construct the dome that he had designed in 1560 (The Panorama, IPPP).

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