Michael Jordan

What is MJ’s birth date?
February 17, 1963
Where did MJ live after NY? .
Wilmington, NC
What was the name of MJ ‘s college?
University of North Carolina
What happened to MJ in high school?
Cut from sophomore basketball team
MJ was 3rd in the 1984 Draft, who were the other two players?
Hakeen Olajuwon, Sam Bowie
What event did MJ win in 1987 and 1988?
Slam dunk contest
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What happened in the summer of 1992?
USA Team and won Gold Medal
MJ’s most important advisor?
MJ won NBA Finals MVP Awards how many times?
6 times
Why did MJ not want to come back after winning a 3rd championship?
It was not challenging to him any more
What happened to his father after winning his 3rd championship?
Father was murdered
MJ’s baseball team was owned by what MLB team.
Chicago White Sox
Playing baseball made him do what?
Re-visit his childhood with his father
In 1995 MJ did what and what was his number?
Returned to basketball, 45
How much did he make from endorsements?
$40 million a year
What was MJ’s job titles at the Washington Wizards?
president of basketball operations
What happened in 2000?
Became part owner of the Washington Wizards
List some of his endorsements.
Wheaties, Gatorade, McDonalds, Nike, Hanes, and Chevy
MJ has 2 businesses, what are their names?
Jordan Brand and part owner of Charlotte Bobcats
What is the name of his movie?
Space Jam
What is the name of the song of MJ’s dreams?
I Believe I can Fly
What is the name of the song that played when MJ and his friends were seeing a shrink and in wheel chairs?
Basketball Jones
What was the name of the girl bunny?
What did Lola say, “Don’t ever call me”.
What did Michael wear under his Chicago Bulls uniform?
His N. C. uniform
Who was Michael’s wife?
Juanita Vanoy
What is his daughter’s name?
What are his son’s names?
Jeffrey and Marcus
What was MJ’s marriage known for?
Largest celebrity divorce settlement
What was the name of the baseball farm team MJ played for?
Birmingham Barons
How many times did he retire?
How many Olympics did he participate in?
Where was his first Olympics located?
Los Angeles, CA
Where was his second olympics located?
Barcelona, Spain
What was the name of the UNC basketball coach.
Dean Smith
What was MJ’s mother’s name.
What was MJ’s father’s name.
Who were some of the other Dream Team players?
Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Clyde Drexler
What was his number for the Bulls (the first time)?
In the 1989 Play offs, what team was defeated by MJ’s final shot in the last game?
What year was his first retirement?
What year was his second retirement?
What year was his third retirement?
How old was MJ when he came out of his 2nd retirement?