Metric Measurements

How many millilitres do you need to fill a teaspoon?
A millilitre is approximately how many drops of water?
How many millilitres in a litre?
1000ml = 1l
Approximately how much does a paperclip weigh?
Approximately how much does a loaf of bread weigh?
A kilogram weighs about how much?
As much as a dictionary
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How many kilograms are in a tonne?
1000kg = 1t
Approximately how much does a ute weigh?
A millimetre is about the thickness of what?
A credit card, or 10 sheets on top of each other
How many millimetres in a centimetre?
10mm = 1cm
A centimetre is about the same length as a what?
A fingernail
A metre is equal to how many centimetres?
100cm = 1m
A metre is about the same length as what?
A guitar
A kilometre is equal to how many metres?
1000m = 1km
A thermometer measures degrees in what?
Either celsius or farenheight
When water freezes, what does a thermometer show?
0 degrees celsius on the left side, and 32 degrees farenheight on the right side
At what temperature does water boil?
100 degrees celsius, or 212 degrees farenheight
At what temperature are cookies baked in an oven?
180 degrees celsius, or 356 degrees farenheight
A hot sunny day may have a temperature of…
30 degrees celsius, which is 86 degrees farenheight
A cup holds about how many millimetres?