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English Lit Act 3 Questions 1) Giles Corey is expelled from the court because he won’t tell the court the name of his informant which is also why Daneforth won’t hear his evidence. He was arrested because of contempt the court. 2) Marry Warren is in court because she was charged with witchcraft and she tells Daneforth that Abigail is lying but he is suspicious of her because it’s her word against the other girls and he thinks she could be possessed by the devil. Proctor reminds her of the Angel Raphael because he took her in and tries to save her from Abigail and the other girls. ) Parris nullifies proctors testament by pointing out that if Mary could pretend to faint before she should be able to faint now but since marry couldn’t faint then and there she couldn’t have faked it before. 4) The professed purpose of the court is to deal Justice but the court becomes very unjust because it doesn’t even need witnesses. It doesn’t need witnesses because of the idea that a Witch can unconsciously call forth her spirit to harm someone. 5) Proctor confesses lechery because it would portray Abigail as a harlot and he believes that Daneforth and Hathorne will know that he wouldn’t ruin his good name.

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Daneforth and Hathorne don’t believe him though because it’s his word against Abigails. 6) Elizabeth tells the court that she didn’t throw out Abigail for a harlot but she only says this because she doesn’t want to ruin Proctors name but this is an unfair test because it’s a natural lie to tell. 7) Abigail turns the court against Marry Warren by mimicking all that Mary says as to make it look like her Phantom is controlling them and then Abigail and the other girls all pretend to run away in fear from Marry Warrens Phantom. 8) Hale denounces the proceedings because he believes them to be unjust and that there are no witches in Salem.

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