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Men Essay Question

Essay Topic:

You are sitting in a small, not very well ventilated room that has no air conditioning.You are sitting alongside eleven other overheated, uncomfortable, impatient men.That sounds rather unpleasant, right? Perhaps the last place you would like to be.

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Imagine how the Jurors may have been compelled to hurry and reach a conclusion for the young boys life they were debating on. What If, these men were seated In a well-lit, cool, comfortable room, with decorations and armchairs… Would they have reached a different conclusion?

Or maybe the same decision, but In much fewer hours. In the movie, one or two Jurors had plans to go too baseball game. A few others have plans with family and friends. Most everyone was ready get out of there as soon as possible. When being rushed, your mind tends to blur around the facts as well as your temper being shortened. This caused many of the Jurors to lose their temper, sending the group Into outraged arguments. Let’s say the Jurors were not Irritable, but Instead had clear heads, and relaxed emotions.

I’m sure the first response would be to think about it reasonably. The questionable trial would have been debated smoother with much less arguments. Having fewer disagreements, the trial’s outcome may have turned out differently. The boy was let go innocent, but only after hours of debating the matter. If the conditions in which they were debating the trial were changed for the better, the outcome could have easily been different. They could have all agreed at once that he was guilty; they could have all agreed much quicker that he was innocent.

Better conditions may have allowed for different first mime impressions of the trial, and led to a better conversation on what side to vote for. I believe that if the Jurors were placed in better conditions to decide, they could have come to a conclusion much quicker than that of which they were placed in. If it were me being shoved in a room with other inhospitable, rushed, people; I too, even if I wasn’t at first, would become grumpy and more argumentative. This only proves that the conditions in which people interact and converse in, do affect the attitudes and outcomes of the debated situation.

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