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Memorandum – for Hospitality

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Memorandum To: Kitchen Operations Staff From: Human Resources Date: 30th February 2013 Subject: Prevention of food poisoning. This memo is intended to inform and update employees on the work practices in the kitchen that are important in the prevention of food poisoning. Employees are expected to have a clear understanding of The Food Act 2003(NSW) and Food Regulations 2004(NSW). A copy of the Act is available with your supervisor for reference. Food handlers are legally obliged to follow these requirements. Please ensure a HACCP process is followed during the production of food.

Periodic checks and audits from internal and external teams are necessary to ascertain proper HACCP processes are followed. (It should be noted that HACCP process is a legal obligation for food handlers). Employees must maintain proper personal hygiene. This is inclusive of some golden rules such as good personal grooming, treating cuts and wounds and washing hands regularly. Personal health issues that pose a risk in the workplace (food borne/airborne diseases, illnesses such as influenza or infections from open cuts/wounds) should be treated as soon as possible.

Food preparation procedures include proper maintenance of the food preparation areas and food service areas. Particular care must be taken to the correct hand washing technique and the usage of gloves when handling food. Safe food storage is a legal obligation. Goods should be stored according to the manufacturer’s instruction, temperature controlled , properly packed and labelled, checked for expiration, follow stock rotation, avoid storing chemicals in old containers and store substances in separate well-lit and ventilated storerooms.

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Memorandum – for Hospitality

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Ensure that the bins are sanitised and emptied regularly. Be sure to categorise the waste storage area so that waste and recyclable items are separated. Objects and areas such as work benches , utensils , dinnerware and glassware should be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly to prevent contamination. Regular checks to be done on temperature controlled equipment. Maintaining temperature is an important aspect of food preservation.

Any malfunction of these equipment should be immediately reported and rectified. All of the above if not followed can cause food contamination which could possibly lead to Food poisoning which broadly falls under Chemical (caused by the presence of chemicals – such as cleaning agents ), Biological (harmful bacteria that is formed on food due to food spoilage from incorrect preservation of food) or Physical ( caused by glass fragments or metal shavings from incorrect preparation process) food poisoning.

Signed, General Manager Human Resources Riya Jude __________________________________________________________________________________ All employees must read this memo and sign the declaration below: I read and understood the work practices in the kitchen that are important in the prevention of food poisoning. Name:| Signature:| Date:| | | | | | | | | |

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