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Media Analysis- Macbeth

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Macbeth is that it can be performed, not only read. This version of the film has done exceptionally well in terms of the performance. This film, directed by Rupert Gold is set in the 20th century as opposed to its original setting which took place in Scotland during the 1 lath century. This allows it to be more modernized by the use of hospital tools, elevators and everyday appliances which results in the Intended audience to connect with the film and truly grasp the concept of It. This film was very effective as It acted as an Incredible visual aid to the confusing Shakespeare language.

Furthermore, It was very effective In conveying the theme of appearance versus reality In act two, scene three through the use of film techniques such as camera work and positioning, the script and lastly, the acting of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. It Is due to the films effective role as a medium that the audience Is able to feel the same emotions that Shakespeare wanted to evoke. While watching a movie, no one thinks about the camera work or the positioning when in fact, these are the two major factors that make the film effective as a whole.

The camera work and the positioning help convey the theme of appearance vs... Laity in Macbeth by using medium shot and close shot. For instance, when Macadam goes to Dunce's room, Macbeth waits outside for him while Lennox talks to him about the chaotic night. When Lennox talks to him, the camera turns to her from Machete's perspective. However, when Macbeth talks to Lennox, the camera does not show the audience how he looks to Lennox from her perspective rather they Just show him turning sideways to talk to her. This plays a role in appearance vs... Laity because Macbeth appears to be calm when talking to Lennox however she cannot tell if it is otherwise because the position of the camera sakes it seem like she does not see his face as he talks to her. Although he appears to be calm, the camera takes a medium shot and then a close shot of Macbeth while he is waiting for MacDougal discover Dunce's body and this shows that in reality he is terrified. The script has lots of effective dialogue however the only dialogue that is successful in conveying the theme of appearance vs... Laity is of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. As Macadam discovers Dunce's body and wakes everybody, Lady Macbeth comes running and says "What's the business, that such a hideous trumpet calls to parley the sleepers of the house? Speak, Speak! " (Shakespeare 44). From this line that Lady Macbeth says, it appears as If she Is genuinely concerned and confused about what Is going on when in reality, she Is the one who planned the murder. Macbeth also has a line that displays this theme In particular.

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After Macbeth returns from Dunce's room, he goes on to say, "Had I but died an hour before this chance, I had lived a blessed time, for from this Instant there's nothing serious In mortality (Shakespeare 44). In this line, Macbeth talks about how there Is nothing to live for now that the king Is dead and as he says that, It sounds as If he Is truly filled tit remorse when in reality, he is the one that murdered Duncan. Therefore. The script definitely has a big role when carrying out a theme not only that but also the people who are saying the dialogue as well.

Acting is one of the greatest factors that contribute to depicting the theme of appearance vs... Reality in this film, act and scene. Macbeth display anything besides their actual emotions. For example, when Macbeth hears about Dunce's murder from Macadam, there seems to be nothing but pure confusion on his face. This is incredible acting as he is completely aware of the death before anyone is and acts as this is the first time he is finding out. Also, as soon as Macbeth returns from Dunce's room, his face seems pale.

Although he has already seen the body, he acts like he's never seen anything like it before, keeps a straight face on and shows the utmost sorrow for the kings death. Much like his acting, when Lady Macbeth hears the alarm that Macadam sets off, she runs in showing extreme concern on her face and in her exclaimed voice and tone says, "Woe, alas! " (Shakespeare 44). She claims this is a horrible thing yet she is the person behind the murder. Acting is not limited to Just emotions or expressions but it also has a physical aspect of it. Lady Macbeth is able to bring that aspect out when she uses her whole body and pretends to fall.

Even though she is capable of holding herself up, she pretends to fall in order to distract everyone from Macbeth after he says that he killed the guards. If anyone were to watch this scene alone without any knowledge of the evil side of Lady Macbeth or Macbeth, they may not be able to tell recognize that behind the genius acting of them both, lays a guilty soul and therefore introduces the theme of appearance vs... Reality. The 180 minutes that this film runs for, Gold is able to bring out a major theme in Just 10 minutes that is scene 3.

There are many other techniques in the direction of this play such as the continuous dark lighting to represent sorrow and the evil that surrounds them, cutaway shots when Dunce's murder is announced to follow the action and the establishing or master shot to show overall view of a location and all the actors in a scene. All these techniques help enhance the other factors that play a role in carrying out the theme of appearance vs... Reality such as camera work, positioning of the camera, the script ND dialogue and finally, the acting.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth continually display the theme of appearance vs... Reality as they act innocent when they are the people behind the planning and the committing of the murder. Most lines were present in the duration of this scene. Only some cuts in lines were noticed in the porter's part probably due to the annoying nature of the character. As Gold directs this play while changing some things, the dramatic purpose, which is to advance plot and develop character, and the theme of appearance vs... Reality are still conveyed in the same way Shakespeare would have imagined.

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