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Mecca Silk Conditioner a Research Paper

Essay Topic:

Abstract Generally, the study wanted to make a homemade conditioner from eggyolk, flour, malunggay oil extract, cucumber juice and calamansi juice and Shall be called “ MECCA Silk Conditioner.” Specifically, it tries to find out if oregano leaves eggyolk, flour, malunggay oil extract, cucumber juice and calamansi juice be made into a conditioner.Among the treatments, which one are the best proportion for the homemade conditioner and if there is a difference between the newly produced MECCA Silk Conditioner and the commercial one in terms of smell, appearance and shining effect.

The materials were gathered and prepared.

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Cucumber was peeled, cut and pounded to get its 20 ml. juice. Calamansi fruit was also cut and squeezed to extract the 20 ml. juice. Twenty ml. detergents were measured. Three grams of Malunggay Leaves was boiled in 50 ml. vegetable oil. The beaker was covered and removed only when boiling starts. It was boiled for 3 minutes. It was then cooled for 5 minutes and strained in clean containers. Thirty ml. water was poured in a 100 ml. flour and stirred until well- blended.

Two medium-sized egg yolk were beaten until sticky. Measured Malunggay oil, detergents, cucumber and calamansi juice were added little by little and stirred continuously. The mixture was added to the flour and mixed thoroughly until it looks whipped. Poured in a clean container, label its name, use and expiry date. The contents of the chosen ingredients which are carefully studied by the researchers and the positive effects to the respondents made the newly produced product to be an alternative conditioner for the commercial one.

Aside from the availability of materials in the environment, it is also easy to prepare. Treatment B, came out to the best proportion for the produced deodorant as a result of the series of experimentation and through the application and evaluation of the five respondents. MECCA Silk Conditioner appeared to have shining effect, smooth and manageable in appearance . It last for a day therefore it is acceptable and comparable to the commercial one. IV. Research Plan a) Materials and Methods

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