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Meat Science and Animal Nutrition

I want to get a masters degree in animal industries in order to prepare for my future career.There were two options I’ve been considering, consisting of meat science and animal nutrition.Both options, I believe, would help me land a career in concerned government agencies.

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It would also open the doors to further studies, such as veterinary medicine, should I decide to pursue it.

From the two options I am leaning more in favor of taking up meat science, as it is more concerned with food safety and nutrition. I am interested in understanding factors that affect the nutritional value and consumer acceptability of meat, which eventually lead to consumer health and satisfaction.

I believe that meat science is not a popular choice for people, but it is equally important to ensure the health of the public. I could gain knowledge that should be shared and disseminated to people.

Thus, this course could equip me with the knowledge I need to serve in government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, and be a food safety specialist who answers questions of consumers regarding food preparation, storage, and handling. The importance of the role I could play towards protecting the health and safety of the public is a good reason for me to pursue this course.

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