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MBA Admission Essay Analysis

Essay Topic:

How do you see your career developing and how will this programme help you achieve your goals?

My Background & Career Goals

I currently own a consultancy company and work as a freelance programme management consultant within the banking sector.Previously, l also owned a high-end women’s wear start-up business which l sadly had to close down due to the economic downturn.Despite enjoying my consultant roles and the earning power it offers me, my long-term aspiration has been to be an entrepreneur.

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When l was an undergraduate, l made and sold luxury waistcoats and ties and provided catering services for workshops; activities that allowed me earn additional funds and manage myself came naturally to me.

Turning 40 this year has made me realise that although consulting is a lucrative career path, it is not the career path for me. Pursuing my goals to be an entrepreneur is paramount and one false start should not deter me. I am now more than ever, ready to acquire the knowledge and skills required to achieve my goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur. One of the first goals on my entrepreneurial agenda would be to re-examine my perceptions of what luxury means in our today world and how to channel these new ideologies into a sustainable and ethnical business.

Why The MBA

Having researched many a Global EMBA programmes, l am convinced that this MBA is the right fit for me not just as a hub to make possible the personal growth l require to become a 21st century world-class business leader and entrepreneur but as an environment where women are recognised as the business leaders of the future, congregate with a network of women entrepreneurs that empower and collaborate with each other.

  1. New Skills
    The new skills acquired on the MBA programme on subjects such as leadership, negotiations, economics, finance, operations, management, accounting, marketing etc would give me the confidence to relate more successfully with contemporaries in a global business market.

2. Networks
The global nature of the programme’s curriculum would afford me the opportunity to meet and learn from people from diverse industries and cultures, which would create new business ventures and learning opportunities.

3. The MBA Brand
Having an MBA from an internationally renowned school such as this one would not only open doors but give my potential business clients the confidence that l am equipped to deliver results.

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