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Master of Business Administration program at Georgia State University

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I have chosen the flexible Master of Business Administration program at Georgia State University because it offers the best academic and skills training that would help me become better at what I do. At present I am interested in learning communication and analytical skills, how to be decisive and the importance of teamwork. I believe that these skills are necessary for the success of my career as a financial accountant and I know that I would be able to learn this through the challenging curriculum of Robinson College.

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Work experience is necessary for real life application, but education broadens one’s thinking and perspectives. My main reason for pursuing an MBA is because I want to further myself in the accounting field. Through the training of the MBA program I will be equipped with the skills that would allow me to help businesses expand in their operations while focusing on management and employee connections.

Personally I believe that I have the leadership skills and the creative perspective for growth to be successful in my chosen career but I am also aware that I lack the educational background. By enrolling in the MBA program of Georgia State University and practicing my profession, I know that I would be able to become a financial advisor wherein I could help clients increase their revenues by using internal assessments and other strategies. I hope to become a financial accountant in the future and work on financial analysis and prepare fiscal reports.

Through several work experiences I realized that I could do anything I set my mind to accomplish; that through hard work and determination I could rise from a party coordinator to manager. I also learned that a successful business enterprise is possible if there is honesty and complete customer satisfaction. I have had the opportunity to work as a Payroll and Tax Specialist, and here I have learned that customer satisfaction and the highest quality service is the best way to develop customer loyalty.

All of these experiences have no doubt enriched my professional career but I also know that I need to learn more about this field of specialization and I am most happy when I am learning something new. I know that I belong to Georgia State’s MBA program; it has the right balance of academic and practical training that appeals to me. My contributions to the university will be my collective perspective, my determination to succeed and moral character. My degree in Bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences has imbued me with the knowledge and sensitivity to understand people.

By becoming a member of the MBA program I will bring with me this humanitarian perspective and help influence other business professionals to do the same. I am determined to finish this degree and I am prepared to give my best in accomplishing the requirements of the course and to actively participate in each class. The strong business ethics and professional accountability of Robinson College is the best place to foster and develop my skills and personality.