Marriage & Family chapter 8 Study Guide

Password to edit is “ngu”
password to edit is “ngu”
What does LGBITQ mean?
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Inter-sexed, Transgender, Queer.
Are there more heterosexual women than men with same-sex qualities?
?Approximately how many “straight” college men question their sexual identity?
?What are the conditions under which “gay” men can behave “more” heterosexual?
What is the status of the “Don’t Ask”, “Don’t Tell” policy?
Replaced in December of 2010.
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?What is the effect on homophobia of having contact with a gay person?
Which of the following is most likely to keep a secret from a romantic partner: Homosexuals, heterosexuals, men, women, or unmarried people
Why are gay men in monogamous relationships able to have extradyadic sex?
it meets a need the partner cannot meet.
?Who is a gay person most likely to share his (her) sexual orientation with first?
Compare heterosexual mothers with homosexual mothers in regard to time spent with their children and expression of warmth and affection.
Homosexual mothers tend to have more time, warmth, and affection for their kids.
Compare heterosexual fathers with gay fathers in regard to their children.
Homosexual fathers are more likely to co-parent equally , less likely to spank kids as a form of discipline.
Are children with straight parents more likely to feel they are gay? Explain.
No, they feel they are raised in a social context which allowed for more than the heterosexual adult model.
What are the factors in assigning one’s sexual orientation?
?it’s difficult because it can change over time, some people don’t view themselves as homo or bi.
What is the “cause” of sexual orientation, according to your text?
No single theory can answer the question
How did Kinsey view sexual orientation?
sexual orientation may have both homo & heterosexual elements.
What percent of gay men believe they were born that way?
How does the American Psychological Association view homosexuality?
not a mental disorder- needs no cure.
What groups are more likely to be negative toward homosexuals?
Those who believe homosexuality is a choice.
Why do some gay people have negative views of bisexuals?
view them as less committed to their partners
What things are identified as hate crime victimization?
Hate crimes are crimes of perception- The victim might not actually be gay, just perceived as being gay.
Do most homosexuals eventually come out and feel good about doing so or do they never come out or do they come out and regret having done so?
Never come out.
In comparing homosexual and heterosexual relationships, how do they compare in regards to similarities and differences?
married heterosexual report higher satisfaction, but gay/lesbian couples report satisfaction in their relationships as well.
What is one common myth of bisexuals?
that they are non-monogamous.
Looking at the division of labor in gay relationships which partner does most of the domestic work?
they tend to share the work in the house
Which group of individuals represents the highest rate of HIV infection in the U.S.?
male to male sexual contact
Which group of individuals represents the lowest rate of HIV infection in the U.S.?
woman to woman sexual contact & woman to man sexual contact.
According to Jenkins et al., what are the differences between black and white regarding homophobia?
found no significance differences
Approximately how many gay, lesbian, and bisexual people have been in heterosexual marriages?
2 million
Which country is likely to be the most approving of homosexuality: U.S.; Canada; Kenya, or Japan?
What does the Defense of Marriage Act state?
Marriage is a legal union between one man and one woman.
What is the primary reason why people do not support same sex marriage?
“immoral, a sin, against the Bible.”
What percent of same-sex couples are raising children?
34.3% Lesbian
22.3% Gay male
If a couple with children divorce and one of the parents is gay, who is likely to get custody of the children?
The heterosexual partner