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Executive Summary Tablet PC has been advertised as the wave of the future for reading, gaming, and media consumption for quite some time now. However, the idea of Tablet PC has not been as popular or widely accepted in our country because of the sky-scraping price. Our company, Zeus Technologynology is preparing to commence a new, innovative and cost-effective line of tablet computers. Our product will propose a competitively exclusive amalgamation of next generation features with reasonable price bar. We are targeting specific yet mass segments in the consumer market.

In addition, we are planning to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for low-priced Tablet PC. A wide range of tablet computers are available from major CE manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Acer, Sony and Blackberry. But because of high price range, products these companies offer are not easy to buy for the general people and students of Bangladesh. Hence, our preliminary objective is to provide sustainable, advanced and reasonably priced Tablet PC to the general public. Our basic aim is to attain first year BD sales of 35,000 units.

We will importing our PC from China’s renowned Tablet PC maker and will be selling those in our local market. We will offer exclusive one year warranty and two years after sales services with our product. Considering the fragile economical condition of Bangladesh, our main marketing objective is to make students, middle class family and business as our valued customers. In conclusion, we want to state that we are planning to bring about a revolution in Bangladeshi people by launching our product. Current Market Situation

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Zeus Technologynologies established 3 months ago by six enthusiastic entrepreneurs with experience in the technology sector. It is about to cross the threshold by introducing the new series of Tablet PC. Aforementioned, that tablet computers are designed and marketed primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, apps and web content. Its size and weight fall between those of contemporary smart phones and laptop computers. This is very constructive and handy electronics device for students, job holders and businessman.

A wide range of tablet computers are available from major CE manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Acer, Sony and Blackberry. In our country however because of high price range of Tablet PC it is quite impossible to integrate this helpful device with our day to day life. Thus, our products main feature includes an affordable price range for everyone. As our rivals offered price is missing the affordability, it will be trouble-free for us to penetrate the market. However, there is an obstacle. As we all know that Chinese products are notorious for their short term durability.

To overcome this situation we are offering a stable warranty with our each product which symbolizes the stability of our product. Though competition among the tab makers is not that intense because of lack of interest of buyers, it is quite hard to penetrate into the small business market of Tablet PC. In contrast to this, as we mentioned before that those Tablet PCs are high in price. Hence, there is a high probability that people will widely accept our products as they are low in price. Market Description Business Pundits has predicted that the next era will be the epoch of Tablet PC.

Considering this fact, Zeus Technologynologies targeting various kinds of consumer to utilize our product. We like to provide our consumer an interactive experience of communication, information storage and exchange, and entertainments in one go. We specified our targeted consumers and segmented them. This segment includes Students, Professionals, Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Corporate users. Our buyers can pick between three models based different configuration. In our very first we are offering three types of Z-Tabs (name of our product). They are Z-Tab Enovice, Z-Tab Civic and Z-Tab Prime.

Z-Tab Enovice is a Basic type of Z-Tab. It is specially designed and priced for the students. Z-Tab Civic is our economy package for mediocre class people of Bangladesh. And last but not least, Z-Tab Prime is our premium product which is specially designed for the corporate user. All of these tabs are consists of android operating system which allows user to navigate the vivid world of information and technology. We are charging all of our products at minimum level. Segment Needs and Corresponding Features/Benefits of Z-Tab Targeted Segment - Student Customer Need- Perform many function in this multitasking device without carrying various gadgets. • Use Z-Tab as storage device. In other words , use it as a component of education instead of paper and pens. • Use Z-Tab for source for entertainment, information and communication. • Reading device to read an E book. Z-Tab Enonvice Features- • It’s reasonably prized for students. It has a flash storage facility up to 32 GB. • Portable and compatible with numerous apps and programs. • Convey an aesthetic and trendy look. Targeted Segment- Teachers, Home Users and Professionals Customer Need- Using an effective teaching aid in the class. • Use Z-Tab as a source entertainment. • Use Z-Tab as a Organizer and Personal digital assistant • Use Z-Tab as a storage device to conserve music , family photos etc. Z-Tab Civic Features- • Hands free, wireless access to calendar, address book, contact information and appointments and data. • Removable memory, wireless information recoding reduces paper work and increases productivity. • Built in 2 megapixels camera allows fast and easy photography, stores images for later use. Targeted Segment- Corporate User Customer Need- • Need for portability and mobility. Obtain driving direction for business meetings. • Use Z-Tab as a personal digital diary of appointments and contacts. • Use it for documenting any kind of office work. Z-Tab Prime Features- • Includes customizable corporate task oriented applications. • Built-in GPS system. • High and upgraded configuration than our other offers. Product Preview Our products are categorized into three criteria: “Z-Tab Enovice” We will offer Enovice basically for the students with optimum required option for educational purpose. We will set a price of 9,800 Taka for this criterion. CPU: Core I 3 Processor

RAM: 512 DDR RAM AGP: Built-in Graphics Card 128 MB Operating System: Google Android 2. 1 LCD Size: 7" TFT LCD Resolution: 800x480 Touch Screen Full Size, High Sensitive Touch Operation System Memory: 256MB Memory Type: NAND Flash Capacity: 32GB Camera: 1. 3Megapixel Audio: Output Device Built-in Stereo speakers, Input Device Built-in Microphone Communication: LAN External Fast 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Adapters WLAN Built-in 802. 11b/g WLAN Card Supplemental Drive: Card Reader TF/MMC Card slot X 1 I/O Port: USB USB2. 0 X 2 Audio Port Headphone X 1 AC Adaptor: AC Power Adaptor 100V Input, 9V DC Output, 2A

Battery: Battery Pack 2400 mAH Batteries Physical Spec: Dimension 19. 9*12. 8*0. 8-1. 4cm Weight 0. 37KG Other: G Sensor Color: Black Software: Fring, QQ, MSN, Youtube, Google Map, Document to go, Multimedia Player, Email, Es File Explore, Application Store Accessory: AC Adapter, User Manual, External RJ45/USB Pot, and Packing Box “Z-Tab Civic” Z-Tab Civic will be offered with common features for various multimedia operations and entertainment purpose. The market price for this criterion will be 14,900 Taka. Z-Tab Civic is an tablet that runs on Android 2. 3 operating system.

It comes with a 10-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels to provide a fantastic multimedia and internet experience. Z Slash is powered by CoreI 3 Processor with 1GB RAM, Graphics Card 512 MB . It also comes with a microSD slot that supports from 2GB to 32GB and a Wi-Fi 802. 11b / g  connectivity,USB ports. The Z slash is the perfect companion for an easy network life. CPU:Core I 3 Processor 1 GHz Operation System: Android 2. 3 RAM: DDRII 512MB Extend Card: Support TF card up to 32GB WIFI: 802. 11 b/g/n 2G: Built-in 2G GPRS / GSM Bluetooth: Yes GPS: Built-in IGO FM: Yes Mobile TV: Yes

Camera: Yes, built-in front and back camera,support flash light Microphone: Yes Outer Speaker: Yes Gravity Sensor : Yes Music: MP3,WMA,WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, OGG Video: MKV, AVI, WMV, RMVB,TS, TP, M2TS, RM, MPEG, VOB, MOV, MP4, 3GP,etc. Image: JPG,  GIF, BMP, PNG E book: TXT, LRC, PDF, EPUB, FB2 Applications: Internet Explorer, Media Player, Photo viewer,  Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat Reader,  MSN,  QQ Extend Port: 1 x OTG port 1 x SIM car socket                        1 x TF card port                        1 x 3. 5mm earphone port                              1 x DC charger socket Battery: Build-in

Shell Material: Plastic Screen Size: 10 Inch Type: Capacitive Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 Product Size:     192 x 123 x 13mm Product Weight: 368g Package Weight: 0. 85kg “Z-Tab Prime” We will offer Z-Tab Prime Executive mostly for the business individuals and professionals with advanced options and features. We will set 19,990 Taka for it. Screen Type: 10 inches 4:3 five-point capacitive touch screen Resolution- 11024x768 full visual capacitive screen,1080 high definition CPU: Core I 3 Frequency: 1. 2GHz Operating System: Android 2. 3 (support for the Android Market and Flash10. 1, support for video calls)

Memory: DDR 512M HDD 8GB Expansion: Support the expansion of TF card, maximum support 32GB Wifi support for 802. 11b / g wireless protocol 3G Support: External USB 3G card online Bluetooth: Bluetooth transfers data Video Camera: Support 1080P HD video Camera 300,000 pixels front rear 2 million pixels Microphone: Built-in microphone Loud speaker function support Gravity Sensor: Support for a variety of 3D and gravity sensing Sound: Dual-channel High Definition Audio Audio: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV etc. Video: MKV (H. 264 HP), AVI, RM / RMVB, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, etc.

Image: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. E book: WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PDF, TXT, CHM, HTML, etc. Other Features: Built-in Microphone, Android Market, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Camera,Gmail, MP3/MP4 Player, WORD, EXCEL, PDF, POWERPOINT, etc. Interface: A standard USB 2. 0,1 a 3. 5mm headphone jack, a MINI HDMI output, an OTG jack, 1 DC Charging hole, a TF card slot, a SIM card slot, 1 Rj45 Port / Adapter Battery: 7. 4V/3000mAh Material: Zinc alloy shell craft, ML Surface treatment; Weight: 780g (Internal Battery) Full weight 1. 28KG Dimensions: 238mm? 183mm? 11(mm) Package size: 30. 8cm? 28cm? 5. 5cm Competitive Review:

The well-known brands like Nokia, Samsung, HP, iPad, OLPC, Android, Blackberry etc has increased the competitive pressure with their superior product values. They are offering latest and the best Tablet PCs in the market. Co-ordination of their alluring product features, marketing policy and brand reputation is very convincing and admissible. Our major competitors in the market will be the followings. Nokia: Nokia entered the tablet space with the Nokia 770 running Maemo, a Debian-based Linux distribution custom-made for their Internet tablet line. The product line continued with the N900, which is the first to add phone capabilities.

The user interface and application framework layer, named Hildon, was an early instance of a software platform for generic computing in a tablet device intended for Internet consumption. But Nokia didn't commit to it as their only platform for their future mobile devices and the project competed against other in-house platforms. Market price of Nokia 770 is 29,400 Taka and N900 is 39,500 Taka. BlackBerry: The “BlackBerry PlayBook” is a tablet computer announced in September 2010 that runs the BlackBerry Tablet OS. Market price of three packages of BlackBerry PlayBook are respectively 16GB 39,000 Taka, 32GB 46,000Taka, 64GB 68,000 Taka.

Android: Android 3. 0 (Honeycomb) are optimized specifically for devices with larger screen size, mainly tablet, and have access to the Google Play service. Android is the software stack for mobile devices that includes operating system, middleware and key applications. Android 3. 2. 1 Honeycomb is the complete Tablet PC version that has market price of 31,100 Taka. Apple iPad: Apple’s iPad 2 is a tablet computer with updated and attractive features. Market price of iPad 2 is 62,000 Taka. Samsung: Samsung Galaxy has some models that are functionally very similar to tablet computers. “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. ” and “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. 0 Plus” exists Tablet PC in the markets of Bangladesh. Price rate of them are respectively 60,300Taka and 45,500 Taka. We can assess that; the Tablet PCs offered in the market by above companies have high price rates, which are hardly affordable for people in general in our country. So lower price will be our competitive advantage. Channels and Logistics Review Logistics and supply chain management is the lifeblood of any kind of distribution. As the role of distribution is constantly evolving, managing inventory and the logistics engine can determine success from failure.

To distribute Zeus Technologynology’s product Z-Tab we will be incorporate a network or web of retailers on all over the country. One of the keys to success in distribution is to have better visibility of customer demand. So keeping this fact in mind we will set up a contact with various kinds of channel partner. Among them most significant ones will be enlisted below: • Computer Stores – Independent computer retailers like Computer Source, Computer Village will exhibit and sell our product in major cities. • Cyber Cafes and Book libraries- We will be launching and selling our product in cyber cafes and book stores in all over the countries.

This will enable us to reach more people in different suburbia and locality. • Grameen Phone Retailers- Retailers who have contract with GP, will also sell our product in village area. To execute this plan we will make a contract with Telenor Bangladesh. • Online Stores- Z-Tab will also available in online . Anyone can buy their preferable product from our website. • In the beginning, our channel strategy will emphasis on the Mega cities, according to the demand, we will spread our Z-Tab into every district of the Bangladesh. Sample of competitive product and pricing: |Competitor |Model Price (Taka) | |Nokia |Nokia770 |29,400 | | |N900 |39,500 | |BlackBerry |BlackBerry PlayBook | | | |16GB |39,000 | | |32GB |46,000 | | |64GB |68,000 | |Android |Android 3. 2. Honeycomb |31,100 | |Apple iPad |iPad 2 |62,000 | |Samsung |Galaxy Tab 10. 1 |60,300 | | |Galaxy Tab 7. 0 Plus |45,000 | Strengths, Weaknesses, Threat and Opportunities Strengths Our product has some strong options: 1. Product strengths: Tablet PC is a very innovative product in recent IT markets.

So we already have some product related strengths along with our brand’s unique option- lower price. Easy portability: Usage in environments not conducive to a keyboard and mouse, such as lying in bed, standing, or handling with a single hand. Lighter weight, lower power models can function similarly to dedicated E-book readers like the Amazon Kindle. Easy navigation: Touch environment makes navigation easier than conventional use of keyboard and mouse or touch pad in certain contexts such as image manipulation, musical or mouse-oriented games. One can use a stylus, pen or finger to point and tap on objects, which are not directly connected to the pointer on screen.

Accuracy in painting and image editing: Digital painting and image editing are more precise and intuitive than painting or sketching with a mouse. Easy functional operating system: The ability for easier or faster entry of diagrams, mathematical notations and symbols. Sustained battery life: Our tablet computers have longer battery life than laptops or net books like other typical tablet computers. 2. Guarantee and after sale services: Our product has a one-year guarantee; in addition we will provide our customers a one-year free service after product sale. 3. Lower Price: Our main target is to promote Tablet PCs in every corner of Bangladesh.

Due to traditional low income of general people here, we will bring Tablet PCs with minimum requirement and set a lower price for them comparing to other brands existing in the market. Weaknesses The weaknesses of our product are: 1. Product Weaknesses: Tablet PC itself has some weaknesses which may cause difficulties to compete with other relative products like laptops, notebooks etc. Physical discomfort: The user may face discomfort while using this product, as it does not provide room for a wrist rest. In addition, the user will need to move his or her arm constantly while writing. Weaker graphics capabilities: Usually tablet computers are equipped with embedded graphics processors instead of discrete graphics cards.

Besides, our tablet computers have weaker graphics quality than other tablet computers existing in market. Screen risk: Since the screen will serve as input device, it will run a higher risk of screen damage from impacts and misuse. 2. Lack of brand recognition: Our brand is a completely new brand, while there are a good number of other brands with same products having strong brand recognition. So we have to approach with massive advertisement and promotion. Opportunities We can take advantage of some market opportunities- 1. Increasing demand for easily portable computers: We see that the demand for easily portable and multi-functional devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and notebooks is increasing rapidly.

Due to technological advancement customers are looking for more flexible products with unique options. Nokia, iPad, Blackberry, Android, OLPC, HP and several other companies have already entered the market with tablet computer concept. But due to high price general people are not being able to buy this kind of computers. So we can take this opportunity to build up a profitable market in Bangladesh with our comparatively lower market price. 2. Low-cost technology: We have a big opportunity of technological advancement, where we are getting latest and better technologies in a very cheap rate. So we can include least foremost features at a reasonable price that will enable us to earn good profit. Threats Main threats for our new product are: 1.

Increased competition: We already mentioned that many other strong brands are entering the market with Tablet PC concept. Yet we hope that we will be in the running because of our significant low price comparing with those brands. 2. Duplicate Chinese products: China is potentially expert in manufacturing low-quality duplicate products and attracts customers with a very minimum price rate. So these duplicate Chinese Tablet PCs will be a big threat for us. Objectives and Issues Our objectives and issues are very precise and compact. Objectives: As a new brand we have set medium achievable objectives for the first and second years of entering the market. First year objectives: In first year our target will be a sales volume of 35000.

Second year objective: In second year our target will be a sales volume of 60,000 and break even lately in this period. Issues: In order to launch product our main issue will be the competence to establish our new brand name. We will invest a large amount of money to support massive promotional activities, which will help to spawn our idiosyncratic brand impression. Our main issue is to keep countrywide people of Bangladesh update with latest technology through our brand. “Tablet PC for everyone” will be our motto to accelerate the acceptance of our brand in Bangladesh. Marketing Strategy Zeus Technology’s marketing strategy is composed of several interrelated elements.

The first and most important is market selection: choosing the markets to be served. Product planning includes the specific products the company sells, the makeup of the product line, and the design of individual offerings in the line. Another element is the distribution system: the wholesale and retail channels through which the product moves to the people who ultimately buy it and use it. The overall communications strategy employs advertising to tell potential customers about the product through radio, television, direct mail, and public print and personal selling to deploy a sales force to call on potential customers, urge them to buy, and take orders.

Finally, pricing is an important element of any marketing program. The company must set the product prices that different classes of customers will pay and determine the margins or commissions to compensate agents, wholesalers, and retailers for moving the product to ultimate users. Positioning Using our low-price policy we will place the Z-Tab as a very reasonable, easily accessible and standard quality Tablet PC model applicable for variable purpose. Our 3 categories of products will be offered by comprehending and accomplishing the need of 3 different levels of people, “Enovice” for students, “Civic” for general users and “Prime” for the professional users.

Our marketing will focus on low product price with maximum requirements so that customers will be able to distinguish the Z-Tab from its competitors. Product Strategy Z-Tab including all the 3 categories and their individual features portrayed earlier will be sold with one-year warranty and a one-year free after sale service. We will provide a special Tablet PC bag for each product. Our Z-Tab brand and logo both will be displayed on the product. We will also provide a user guide both in English and Bengali so that the customers will understand the functional operations and find it easy to perform without facing any difficulties. Pricing Strategy Three categories of Z-Tab will be introduced by the following prices in the market: Product Categories |Wholesale Price |Retailed Price | |Z-Tab Enovice |8,500 |9,800 | |Z-Tab Civic |13,000 |14,900 | |Z-Tab Prime |18,500 |19,990 | These will be our initial market price. We pursued market-penetration pricing strategy to attract a large number of buyers and a large market share. While setting price we also focused on psychological pricing strategy to maximize our profit. Both strategies will support us to capture the market from existing well-constituted brands and pull large market share.

In addition, our strategy will also reflect that we are trying to attract our desirable channel distributor. Distribution Strategy For product-focused companies, establishing the most appropriate distribution strategies is a major key to success, defined as maximizing sales and profits. As our company is product oriented so our channel strategy will wide spread. We will distribute our product through specific well retailers, cyber cafe, book stores and GP retailers. We will also include online distribution through our website. During first year, we will add channel partners until we’ve coverage on all over the Bangladesh. We will also investigate distribution through cell-phone outlets (I. E GP).

In support of our channel partners, Zeus Technology. will provide demonstration products, detailed specification handouts, and full-color photos and displays featuring the product. Finally, we plan to arrange special payment terms for retailers that place volume orders. We use cutting-edge hand-held devices that combine bar coding and RFID technology to capture and reflect updated inventory information. Forecasting and inventory management is done more appreciably as we reduce human errors by deploying automated process and control points to make sure that the product is monitored from the time of sale and during its cycle of warranty. Marketing Communication Strategy

Our primary goal of marketing communications is to build awareness of a business, its products, and its position through customer-facing materials such as TVC, brochures, press releases, Web sites, and trade show presentations. Planning an integrated and consistent cross-team approach to these activities - one that reinforces a company's message with target audiences and motivates customers to buy our product. Adequate research about media consumption patterns will help our advertising agency choose appropriate media and timing to reach prospects before and during product introduction. It also will help us on in-depth understanding of our target audiences and the processes involved in buying, selling, and communicating. We will provide our clients with the necessary tools and information to about our product.

It is our focus to create strong partnerships with our clients in a never ending attempt to increase awareness, a positive image and consistently growing equity for our products and brand as a whole. As a company we feel that if we have some of our target market try our product while they are working out and then ask them what they think of the Z-Tab, we will be able to get personal testimony from our target market. Another way we will promote the new Z-Tab is by having an in-store display with a working model. With the working model there will be a brochure for the customer to take with them and a board displaying all the information about the Z-Tab.

We could either train the employees at the stores that we are thinking of selling the Z-Tab or once again we could send out a representative out to show how to use the Z-Tab. To generate enthusiasm about Z-Tab we will host many information related competition in schools, colleges and universities. We will also promote our product through TVC and FM radio to create a storm in the people. When the Z-Tab is completed and we are ready to enter it into our target market, the main concern will be to get the innovators and early adopters to purchase and use the product. This will be done by specific message targeting that will get the attention of this segment of the 18 and over market.

The internet will be another form of advertising, because Internet users who are 18 and over are innovators in their target market and are already users of technology. This means that they are more likely to adopt a new technology. Direct mail will be the second form of advertising. It will be used to both introduce consumers to the product, and to re-enforce the advertising message that they may have received from the Internet usage. In village areas our representative will promote and train people about Z-Tab. Top of Mind awareness is our ultimate goal although we realize this will take time. Along with brand awareness, improved attitudes toward the Z-Tab and increased purchasing intentions are also important.

Improved attitudes and purchase intentions must predictably turn into an increase in sales to be considered affective Marketing Research Market research is for discovering what people want, need, or believe. It can also involve discovering how they act. Using research, we are identifying the specific features and benefits that our target market segments value. Feedback from market tests, surveys, and focus groups will help us develop the strategy for our future plans and product. We are also measuring and analyzing customers’ attitudes toward competing brands and products. Brand awareness research will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our messages and media. Finally, we will use customer satisfaction studies to gauge market reaction.

An increase in brand awareness must translate in proportion to sales increases to be successful. If we decide that brand awareness is still increasing at a steady rate, but not affecting sales yet we will allow another two months to see if the increased in sales is just delayed. If after five months there is no increase in sales our marketing plan will have failed and we will rethink our efforts. Marketing Organization Z-Tab’s Chief Marketing Officer Md. Sharif Chowdhury is in charge of inspecting all marketing activities. The figure given below shows the structure of marketing organization. Zeus Technology has hired them to control sales campaigns, promotional activities and public relations. Z-Tab’s Marketing Organization Structure: |Zahirul Haque | | | |Chief Marketing Officer | | |Saeed Ahmed |Sharif Chowdhury |Jannat Ara | |Sales Manager |Advertising Manager |Promotion Manager | |Moumita Mazumder |Nimat Zaman |Rezwan-Ul-Haque | |Assistant Sales Manager |Assistant Advertising Manager |Assistant Promotion Manager | |Tahmid Rahman |Sanjid Hussain |Tasmin Kamal | |Regional Sales |Advertising Analyst |Promotion Analyst | Action Programs Z-Tab will be introduced in March. We have a 9 months long 4-steps action plan to accomplish our specified objectives. January & February: “Set In Motion Plan” Under this plan we will propel a 10,000,000 Taka trade sales promotion campaign and demonstrate at the leading industry trade shows to train the traders and propagate channel support for the product launch.

First we will create awareness and curiosity about our brand and products by providing our product samples to some selected luminaries like product reviewers, opinion guiders and celebrities. We will instruct the retailers and make them proficient to elucidate our product’s features and benefits effectively. March & April: “Colossal Commercial Drive” Through March and April we will lay stress on a massive print, radio and Internet advertisement. Our budget is 20,000,000 Taka for these promotional activities. Renowned newspapers, radio channels and social networks and communication sites will be our primary target. Our advertisements will emphasize on the low-price of our product along with the motto - “Tablet PC for everyone”. May & June: “Pioneering Sales Strategy”

During May and June our target will be to increase sales in order to inaugurate product’s acceptability. In this period to stimulate the sales-men and retailers we will offer them a percentage commission on the basis of sales-amount. We are assuming that the “Pioneering Sales Strategy” will cost 10,000,000 Taka. July, August & September: Campaign “Z-Tab Symposia” In July and August we will drive a 2 month long campaign with a dictum -“Get Enovice and explore the universe” in schools, colleges and universities to introduce “Z-Tab Enovice”, which is distinctively offered for students. We will arrange seminars and conferences to encourage them to be updated with latest technology by buying our products at a reasonable price.

We will contrast “Z-Tab Enovice” as a prominent element for educational purpose as pen, papers, books and others. In September we will proceed to business companies to promote “Z-Tab Prime” which is especially constrained for business functions and operations. “Carry out a carefree career” - will be our purport for the business professionals and executives. For this campaign we will need an allowence of 15,000,000 Taka. In addition, we will perform surveys to evaluate the impression of customers about our product. On the basis of the result of the evaluation we will elevate and extemporize our products and further marketing strategies. Budgets

Total sales revenue projected for Z-Tab is estimated at 466,655,000 Taka with an average wholesale price of 13,333 Taka per unit and a variable cost per unit of 10,500 Taka for 35,000 Units. We predict a loss of a 10 million Taka. Our break-even calculation indicates that the Z-Tab will become profitable after the sales volume exceeds which we predict lately in the product’s second year. Our break-even analysis of Z-Tab products assumes wholesale revenue of 14,880 Taka Per Unit, variable cost of 13,900 Taka Per unit and calculated first-year fixed costs of 205,000,000 Taka. According to this hypothesis, the break-even calculation is as follows: 205,000,000 Taka / Taka 13,333 Per Unit - Taka 10,500 Per Unit = 73,215 Units Controls

With Z-Tab we plan to take controlled measures and closely monitor the quality and customer service satisfaction. This way customer’s needs would be fulfilled according to their want and enabling us to create an acceptable product in market. For instance we will be monitoring Z-Tab’s economical, technological and socio-cultural factors. Controlling these aspects provides us the perfect platform to establish a name for our product. Economical Factors Consumers willing to purchase Z-Tab in future. Based on customer’s willingness to buy we will control the distribution of Z-Tab. Over viewing monthly sales, expenses, change in profit or loss based on previous month’s sales and expenses of Z-Tab so we can take measures to develop Z-Tab furthermore.

Technological Factors Controlling Z-Tab multimedia development, such as including a better quality depending on our levels premium, economic and basic. Better equipment means more customers which leads to our exclusive brand name and product. Socio-cultural Factors By introducing Z-Tab at a low price we are expecting a technological progression in Bangladesh. To make sure that this neo evolution change our society’s layer, we will sponsor and promote work that involves betterment of the society. In addition, we will donate 2 taka to acid victim’s foundation for each sell of Z-Tab. By doing CSR activities we will be spread the good will of Z-Tab in to our society.

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