Marketing Notes

__________ is the practice of marketing two brands together on the same package or promotion.
A firm’s product mix is often made up of multiple:
product lines.
The __________ package is the one the consumer uses, while the __________ package is the wrapper or exterior carton that provides the UPC label.
primary; secondary
For most consumers, a laptop computer would be considered a(n):
shopping product.
There are four categories of __________ brands: premium, generic, copycat and exclusive co-brands.
The value of a brand can be determined by looking at its assets and liabilities. The result of this calculation is:
brand equity.
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If consumers think that the discount store with the lowest prices on food is going to have the lowest prices on all goods, the discount store has achieved positive:
brand associations.
When one firm contracts with another to use a brand name, logo, symbol or character for a negotiated fee, this is known as:
brand licensing.
Brand extensions can have negative consequences. To prevent these negative consequences, marketers should:
All of these
Which of the following is a potential benefit of a brand extension?
All of these
Chris is gathering information about the general economic environment in Nepal. He will look for information about the general economic environment, population size and growth rate, and:
real income.
Cultural nuances, subcultures, and consumers’ different views of their roles in different countries can make __________ complicated.
segmentation, targeting, and positioning
Culture affects:
every aspect of consumers’ purchase decisions.
Many of the best-known American retailers, like Starbucks and McDonalds, have expanded globally using:
A product will likely remain in the maturity stage of the product life cycle until a superior product comes along to replace it.
As soon as she saw one, Hillary wanted a flat-screen television, but she was worried about making the wrong choice. She waited until there were many alternatives in the market with lower prices and improved quality. Hillary is part of the __________ diffusion of innovation group.
early majority
During __________ stage of the product life cycle there are few but an increasing number of competitors.
Even if they succeed, new-to-the-world products are:
not always successful.
While most consumers look at price and quality, the majority of customers are looking for:
high value.
When companies sell commodity products that consumers perceive as substitutable, the market will be characterized as __________ competition.
The __________ shows the relationship between price and quantity demanded in a period of time.
demand curve
Fixed costs are costs that:
remain constant as the volume of production increases or decreases.
If Epson introduced a new home printer system for which consumers could only use Epson paper, toner and software, they might logically use a __________ strategy for their printer in order to maximize profits from the sale of paper, toner and software.
market penetration pricing
__________ enables managers to examine the relationships among cost, price, revenue and profit over different levels of production and sales.
Break-even analysis
The Internet allows consumers access to more products, services and information, which has made them:
more price sensitive.
Price elasticity of demand measures consumers’:
sensitivity to price changes.
If a new entrant to a market wants to gain market share or if established competitors want to avoid seeming insensitive to competitors’ moves, they might engage in a frequently destructive tactic known as a(n):
price war.
__________ is the overall sacrifice a consumer is willing to make to acquire a specific product or service.
Demand forecasting, inventory control, return goods handling and order processing are all common activities associated with:
logistics management.
In a(n) __________ system, information is used to generate a sales forecast and a delivery schedule.
__________ is the electronic exchange of business documents from a retailer to a vendor and back, and may include sales data, purchase orders, invoices, and data about returned merchandise.
In a(n) __________ vertical marketing system, the relative power of the channel members determines who will dominate.
RFID tags have dramatically reduced the time and labor associated with:
checking and receiving merchandise.
If you were to visit a distribution center, you’d likely see all of the following activities EXCEPT:
coordination of advertising in local outlets.
It is advantageous for retailers to use distribution centers for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
the distribution center works best when the retailer has only a few outlets.
For a JIT system to be successful, the firm and its vendors need to:
All of these
Without supply chain management, you as a consumer would face a different world. Which of the following would be true if supply chains did not exist?
All of these are consequences of an unmanaged supply chain.
__________ merchandise arrives in the delivery truck ready to be sold.
A manufacturer would be using __________ if it grants a geographic territory to one retailer so no one else can sell a particular brand in that area.
exclusive distribution
In establishing a relationship with retailers, a manufacturer should consider:
All of these
Which of the following is NOT considered one of the types of general merchandise retailers?
Convenience stores
Which of the following is NOT one of the things manufacturers must look at when choosing retail partners?
All of these should be considered by the manufacturer.
Traditional store-based retailers have evolved into multichannel retailers for all the following reasons EXCEPT:
Internet channels are mandated for all firms that want to do business in the European Union.
When manufacturers choose to add value by offering customers a variety of ways to purchase products, they are using a(n) __________ strategy.
Wholesalers sell to all of the following EXCEPT:
Browsing, personal service, cash and credit payment, entertainment and social interaction, instant gratification, and risk reduction are benefits provided by which channel?
Which of the following questions does a retailer need to address?
All of these
To create an atmosphere that will offer a more pleasant shopping experience, retailers use:
All of these
For any communications campaign to succeed, the firm must deliver the right __________ to the right audience through the right media.
When measuring success of integrated marketing communication programs, __________ refers to the percentage of the target population exposed to a specific marketing communication.
Comparative parity, percentage-of-sales, and affordable budgeting are all __________ used to set budgets.
rule-of-thumb methods
To reach out to new customers using the Internet, some marketers use __________ to ensure that customers searching for the firm’s products have every opportunity to find them.
search engine marketing
The IMC communication process model includes all of the following components EXCEPT:
the objective and task method.
The form of direct marketing that communicates with consumers’ wireless handheld devices (such as smart phones) has been used for innovative applications to address the personal needs of consumers. This practice is known as:
mobile marketing.
Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in the AIDA model?
Personal selling, advertising, public relations and direct marketing are all part of:
integrated marketing communications.
When customers use the Internet to interact among themselves, sharing their thoughts and evaluations about a firm’s products, they are engaged in:
The first goal of a marketing communication is to:

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