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Analyze the Marketing Management Essay

Spring 2010(Jan-June) Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 2 MB0046 – Marketing Management – 4 Credits (Book ID: xxxxxxx) Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Note: Each question carries 10 Marks.Answer all the questions.Q.

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1 a. Explain the meaning of market with its features. (4 marks) b. Marketing involves more activities than only being an exchange process. How can you prove the validity of this statement? (6 marks) Q. 2 a. Examine how a firm’s micro environment operates when compared with its macro or external environment. (8 marks) b.

Mention the key points in one of the four buyer behavior models. (2 marks) Q. 3. a. State the meaning of Marketing Information System and marketing research. (2 marks) b. Explain the various steps involved in business buying process. (8 marks) Q. 4. a. Suppose you need to conduct a small marketing research in your neighborhood regarding the purchase and use of detergent powders, what will be your approach in the process? (4 marks) b. As a consumer, what factors will you consider when you have to buy a laptop? How will you arrive at a decision whether or not to buy a particular brand?

Once you have selected a brand, identify the various Marketing P’s for that brand. (6 marks) Q. 5 a. What are the features of Business markets? How is it different from consumer markets? (5 marks) b. List out the 5 important requisites of an effective segmentation by giving suitable examples. (5 marks) Q. 6. Explain briefly the important Bases for segmenting markets (2 marks) and then identify the bases for these products by giving appropriate reasons: i) A digital wrist watch (2 marks) iii) Air-cooler (2 marks) ii) Sunglasses (2 marks) iv) Dictionary (2 marks)

Spring 2010(Jan-June) Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 2 MB0046 – Marketing Management – 4 Credits (Book ID: xxxxxxx) Assignment Set- 2 (60 Marks) Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions. Q. 1 a. What factors are considered before deciding upon a distribution channel? (5 marks) b. Analyze the product mix pricing strategies with relevant examples (5 marks) Q. 2 a. Critically assess the different types of advertising media (5 marks) b. Describe with examples the International market entry strategies (5 marks) Q. 3 a.

With a help of a neat diagram, briefly explain the different stages in the Product life cycle. (5 marks) b. Write a short note on product line and product mix. (5 marks) Q. 4. a. Choose any brand of ball-point pen and evaluate its positioning strengths or weakness in terms of attributes, benefits, values, brand name and brand equity. (6 marks) b. If you as a marketing advisor were to introduce a new variety/flavor of chocolate in an already established chocolate category of a firm, what kind of brand development strategy you would undertake and why? (4 marks) Q. a. As a Salesperson in a dealership firm that engages in Consumer Durables like washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioners etc. what kind of knowledge and training do you think is required for you so as to make you sell more products? (5 marks) b. Make a note of any 2 organizations which had to suffer losses on account of bad publicity in India. Also find out how the organizations overcame the effects of bad publicity (5 marks) Q. 6 a. What is CRM? What are its objectives? (2 marks) b. Write a short note on Rural Marketing and Online Marketing. (8 marks)

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