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Marketing – Converse Case Study

Converse Case Study Creating a marketing strategy isn’t always about taking a hands-on approach and facilitating how consumers should think of a certain brand.Converse All Stars took an alternative route, a “stand-back approach” giving its customers control over marketing its shoe brand.As a result, Converse delivered a customer-brand relationship where the needs, wants and demands of its customers were met by a pair of All Star Chucks.

The needs, wants and demand of customers is a major customer and marketplace concept.

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Human “needs” are states of felt deprivation that could be of a physical need like for food and clothing, social need like for affection or individual needs like for learning or self-expression. Wants are forms of needs that are derived from cultures and individual personality (i. e. specific types of food like Asian, American or Mexican are specific wants for food).

Demands of customers are also factored in when customers’ wants are supported by their ability to make purchases. Relating this to the Converse case study, Converse’s customers demonstrated a physical need for clothing or shoes in this case as well as an individual need for self-expression, and their wants were derived from Converse’s simple, affordable and classy style and “no-brand” brand, a specific culture and type of personality that consumers affiliated with Converse.

Converse’s culture of self-expression became the reason why it was wanted and thereby demanded by consumers who had buying power. Converse understood this concept well as it was able to capture value from its customer by enabling them to customize and individualize their pair of Chucks, thus creating a market offering that became an integral part of Converse’s marketing success.

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