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Marketing and B2b Internet Car

Motrada Handels GmbH, an internet/software service company in Austria, generally provides business-to-business remarketing car trading service with an online application. The company is founded by Guillaume Hebrard- a professional sales person in car sales. While working in the automobile industry, Guillaume realized the inefficiency and difficulty in second-hand car trading industry, he came up with the idea of establishing an online trading platform.

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The idea was taken into action in 2002 and the company was finally founded in Vienna/Austria by G Hebrard and a financial partner in 2005. Case Analysis I.

Opportunities for Motrada Ltd. The Motrada platform, as a first B2B internet car transaction marketplace, is completely a new idea to the electronic commerce market. As the founder of Motrada, Guillaume thought of the opportunity of cars transactions online, he defined this type of business as a gap in the market, which meant he would be the first to own the most chances. Prospects of B2B There are many reasons for Guillaume to choose B2B rather than B2C as the only method for Motrada platform. The B2B e-commerce environment is much more promising Tthan B2C. First, the B2B mode is more professional than B2C.

Being registered by professional business sellers and buyers, this type of platform is easier to manage. Most of registered customers have been working in the industry for years, so know the general situation about the industry. The website for B2B car trading can not only looks more professional but also more targeted. Secondly, by purchasing in large quantities and shortening the production cycle, the business can earn much more profits based on expenses minimization. Third, B2B mode occupies the absolute advantage and more market shares than other modes in e-commerce. B2B must be the main force in future e-commerce marketpla