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There are a number of challenges facing managers or team leaders trying to ensure that team Is really effective or not. This essay will alma at TCPMAN (1965) four-step team development theory, and discuss on Its utility and limitation. Analysis: 1 . The advantage and disadvantage of team and teamwork 2. The utility and application of dustman's theory - use example for each step 3. The limitation of dustman's theory a. Dustman's model is that it makes team building appear too linear and sequential, however, some teams may "loop" around in their development.

For example, if irruption occur during performing stage, leader should move back the team to morning stage. B. Another limitation of Dustman's theory Is the lack of consideration In Interpersonal attributes. Some emotional attributes may destroy the teamwork (egg. Team Intimate) Example use: Enron and Arthur Andersen's collapse conclusions : Although dustman's theory exist several limitations, it's still a basic analytical mode in today's team developments, but Just need supporting by other theory. Implication to manager: The complexity of group dynamics in today's business environment are not easily represented In a simple model.

In order to avoid and resolved grouping and team Intimate, some additional Implications for managers to apply. 1. The group leader should assign the role of critical evaluator to each member, and encourage a sharing of viewpoints. 2. Sometimes group leader may absent deliberately from the group discussion to allow free discussion. 3. Set up several outside groups to work on the same problem, each deliberating under a different leader. Then share their proposed solutions. 4. Invite outside expert to take part in the group meeting and encourage the experts to challenge the views of the core members.

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