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Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: American Perspective Many of the pieces if literature have different perspectives on the American society and government and also have different affects on the readers. One piece of literature that really deals with American society in the 19th century is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. This piece of literature deals with racism and the different reforms the government was trying to enforce, which made some people quite upset, along with giving different perspectives of society at this time.

One of the character's in this story is referred to as Pap. This is Huck Finn's father and he seems to be in the lower social class of society. He is an alcoholic who thinks the government is against him and also believes the government is stupid for its different reforms, especially the one that lets Negros be free and not slaves in the South if they have not been there for a long enough time. He believes that all Negros should be slaves and that the government is stupid for not implementing that belief.

The whole issue with slaves is not an issue anymore, but still many people are racists, including the older generation. This type of attitude is still held by some people, that Negros should be held at a lower class because they are not good as white people or that the Negros think they are better than white people. Pap also believes the justice system is corrupt and it is all about power. He refuses to give custody of Huck to Judge Thatcher and the Widow because he feels like he has more right to Huck because he is his father, even though he has a history of neglect and abuse.

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Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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This reflects some of the lower class even now because some people feel like their children should not be taken away from them, even though they abuse them or neglect them or something that is just not legal. They will disrespect the justice system and say several crude statements about our justice system. Pap is a character in this novel that reflects some of the lowest in the lower class in American society from the 19th century and now. Pap makes one think about how the members of the lower class act.

Some of the lower class are proud people and refuse to act this way, but there are the alcoholics and drug addicts of this class that gives everyone a bad name. Pap represents the worst of the lower class for the 19th century and he displays that not much has changed for these types of people, other than now they take money from the government and then say the government is horrible. This novel shows other perspectives of American society. There is Jim, who is a slave, which gives almost the opposite perspectives to Pap.

Jim is a genuinely nice person when he is even lower than Pap in social ranking. The Widow gives a different perspective. She does not speak much about her view of the government but she is perceived as lower class to middle class. She believes everyone should be civilized, which Pap and Huck are not. She gives a very different perspective then Pap, Huck, or Jim. Then there is the perception of society Huck has. He wants to run away from it all. He does not want to be part of a society where he has to be civilized.

He is a typical teenager and some teens in the present think and act in these ways. The different perspectives represented in this book seem to be represented even now, in 2013. This piece of literature changed my perspective on America because it made me realize that this is still how many Americans act in society today. There might be different issues, but there is still the attitudes that are displayed in this piece of literature. People think we have moved forward and become better, but we truly have not done this.

This book may not be modern, but it applies to many modern situations and behaviors of the different social classes and the government. All one has to do is read this book and think about the ignorant people in our society and realize we have not really changed at all in the past 150 to 200 years other than more equal rights and we have all gotten lazier because of technology. Those are the only differences in our society now, and this novel made me realize this.

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