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Marilyn Monroe

As far as advertising goes, It was near perfect In Its tragedy to touch on the readers’ subconscious senses of trust, logic, and emotion. This technique was developed by Aristotle and known as Rhetoric and Is delved Into three means of persuasion: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Logos Is the appeal to a person’s logic and reason.

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Ethos is the appeal to a person’s trust through credibility and trust. Pathos is the appeal to the person’s emotions. This strategy is used in advertising to persuade the consumer to buy their product over another.

This vintage 1986 Maxwell tape ad effectively used all three points of Aristotle Appeals with the SE of a statistic to satisfy the reader’s logic (Logos), Marilyn Monomer’s iconic status to appeal to the reader’s sense of credibility (Ethos), and Marilyn Monomer’s beauty, sex appeal, and charisma to incite an emotional response appealing to the viewer’s feelings (Pathos). Let’s begin with the ad’s success in appealing to one’s logic, or the Logos category. The ad uses a statistic stating that their tapes “… Are manufactured up to 60% above industry standards. This statistic confirms the product’s quality and gives some sound science to the consumer. It’s a statistic, a number. People generally trust numbers. The statistic assures you that their product is manufactured over and above the industry standard and implies that all other brands are manufacture at bare requirements and no more. The consumer can feel confidence in the Maxwell brand because it’s scientifically validated. It’s logical and effectively appeals to the reader’s sense of reason. Secondly, the market team utilized Marilyn Monomer’s stardom and popularity to bring credibility to their claim and appeal to the reader’s Ethos.

Marilyn Monroe was still extremely popular at this time and her reputation was solid and reliable. 2012 marks 50 years after her death and she continues to be a major figure in the world of cinema and Is still acknowledged and respected. This year she Is the official icon of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and honored on the event poster. The poster for the event has a picture of Marilyn seductively blowing out a single candle on a white cake. The poster, Like the picture In the Maxwell ad, captures her elegance and beauty. It Is recognizable and timeless.

The consumer Is assured wrought her reliability, and her status and popularity appeal to the readers sense of credibility. Third Is the ads strongest pull, and It Is Its appeal to the viewer’s emotions, Pathos. Marilyn Monroe Is loved and adored by so many people and the advertisers knew they could bank on this. Part of what people loved so much about simple photograph. But many adored her story too. Marilyn Monroe had a touching and inspirational story. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeanne Morton in the charity ward at the Los Angles County Hospital.

Her childhood was shaped by instability and she was passed from family member to family member, and even frequently lived in orphanages. In 1945 a photographer took notice of her and took her picture. Months later she was modeling for the covers of dozens of successful magazines and her life was changed forever. She had an uncanny ability to capture the hearts and attention of America and has remained loved even decades after her demise. Her photographs, like the one in the ad, still incite an emotional response. And lastly, let’s not forget her sex appeal.

Sex appeal was used in this add and is a ajar method used in selling products then and now. This ad concentrated on her stardom, but also played on her sex appeal too. Using words like “delicious dessert” and “the very best part of every man’s fantasy’. I wonder if the advertiser’s strategy could have been improved by focusing more on her film’s successes and her success as an actress. The product Maxwell was selling was mainly for movies and many of the consumers would have been women. Could some of the more conservative consumers been turned off by this approach? The ad was still brilliant and effectively used all aspects of persuasion..