Maricopa Community College HCC 130 Fundamentals of Health care Chptr 1

Why is there a growing need for health care workers?
people are living longer so the population is increasing. More health care workers are needed to serve the increasing population.
List the essential qualities of health care workers and provide an example of each quality
care about other
have integrity
be dependable
work well with others
be flexible
strive to be cost conscious
Why should students pursuing a health care career learn as much as possible about the requirements and conditions of their chosen profession?
They will have a better chance of finding an occupation that matches their abilities and preferences
What factors should a person consider about themselves when choosing a health care career?
educational background
amount of time needed for education
natuarl ablitities
types of activities the enjoy most
preferences for workplace environment and conditions
Define certification
meeting predeterminded standards
Define Registration
being placed on an official list, registry, after meeting educational & testing requirments
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Define Licensure
designation/permission to preform certain acts. usually done by government.