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Maricalum Mining Corporation (MMC)

Maricalum Mining Corporation (MMC) in south Negros. Having 2,673 claims on mining in Barangays Cansauro, Hinablan, Tao-angan and Hinablan, of the towns of Cauayan and Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Actually I had gone into the place and had seen the impact of the mining in the people and to its natural habitat.

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Especially on Sipalay, I saw dead mountains, white ones. Waters sources and the rivers covered with the area are not portable therefore the people would go to the lowlands to buy fresh water to drink.

Crops productions are cut into halves and the villagers experience skin diseases. Poisoning and many fish kills are reported before. People would always complain about the air pollution brought by it causing suspended sandstorms and dust particles. 2. One of the government policies was REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7942 or also known as “PHILIPPINE MINING ACT OF 1995”. This policy states that the all the private and public mining land are owned by the state.

Therefore the government and other private sectors are responsible to the development, utilization and conservation of the place. Protecting the rights of affected communities and limits the land that are available for mining. Section 7, Article X of the constitution provides that LGU or Local Government Units are responsible to protect and co-manage the environment and to enhance the right of the people. Both RA belongs in the EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 79 created by state.