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March 5 Handout: World War 1 and Its Shadow Handout

March 5 handout: World War I and its shadow I.World War I a.What were the immediate causes of the war? And the long term ones? b.

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What expectations did people have about the war? c. What was the Schlieffen Plan? d. What was trench warfare like? e. What new technologies developed in the war? f. How did participants and sides change over the course of the war? g. What made this war a world war? h. What is total war? i. What is the home front? j. How did nations target civilians in the war effort? k. How did women take part in the war effort? l.

What is propaganda and what was it used for? m. What attitudes do the posters reveal? II. Versailles and Mandates a. What was the Armistice? b. What was the Treaty of Versailles? c. What steps did nations take to prevent future war? d. What did self-determination mean in practice? e. Did self-determination apply outside of Europe? f. What was the mandate system? g. How did the treaties ending the war change European empires? III. Social changes a. What types of permanent physical trauma did the war cause? b. What types of psychological trauma did the war cause? . How did the role of the state change to address the long-term effects of the war? d. How did gender roles change from the war? e. How did the way people viewed war change? f. How did the attitudes towards war differ between “In Flanders Fields” and “Dulce et Decorum Est? ” Terms Gavrilo Princip Schlieffen Plan Trench warfare Over the top Mustard gas Total war Home front Conscription Rationing Propaganda Armistice Treaty of Versailles Fourteen Points Self-determination Mandate system League of Nations Influenza pandemic Lost generation Wilfred Owen

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