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Manufacturing the Wonder Cab

We have been Informed that they are the ones who manufactured the wonder cab that Is much known to us as the three wheels cab. All materials needed for manufacturing vehicles are Imported from other countries Like Japan . Based on the accepted practice of other Aslant countries, after 4-5 years of usage of vehicles.

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Owners are obliged to replace their old with new ones.

Given this scenario, he company imports them and makes some overhauling to come up with their product. Not all are second hand because they are also importing surplus but majority came from secondhand vehicles. All engines are subject to check up to assess the overhauling that must be done. Also, spare parts came from the country where the engine was made. There are three types of vehicles. These are the if. : commercial mini vans, serial types and the special units. Price ranges from PH 250,000 to PH 270,000. For special orders, a minimum of 50 units must be ordered.

The parts assembly is the first stage in the preparation section. Here, wheels are attached to the engine body and subsequently aligned before engine overhauling. After that, these are checked by machinists for the body fabrication which includes painting, completion of necessary parts and its accessories. Final testing is done by the quality control department per finished product to maintain the quality of manufactured vehicles. Actually, the manufacturing of their product does not require so much labor because the people working there would not exceed.