Maniac Magee Study Guide Part III (33-46)

Where is Maniac living after Grayson’s death
he’s homeless living from place to place and finally ends up at Valley Forge in a log-and-mortar cabin replica the size of a large doghouse
describe russell and piper mcnab; then describe their home
they are wild young boys who are brothers who argue and wrestle with each other all the time; their home is a wreck with roaches and rat poo and dog pee and poo everywhere, scary dirty!!
who is the “enemy” in the mcnabs eyes
the east enders, the blacks
how does jeffrey get the boys to go to school
first week he bribes them that he will show them the short cut to Mexico; then he bribes them with free large pizza; and then he starts sleeping between them so they will go to school
list three heroic feats by maniac in this chapter
1. hit telephone pole from 20 paces back with a stone 61 times in a row
2. beat the train running-no sweat
3. with no shoes or sock he walked thru rat infested dump
4. stuck his hand into the mysterious hole by the creek for 60 seconds
who does maniac race; who was only person to cheer for maniac; who wins
Mars Bar; Hands Down; and Maniac wins running backwards
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what is a pillbox; why are the mcnabs building on
a pillbox is a cement shelter or bomb shelter to protect themselves from the blacks when they revolt
how long has Maniac lived with the mcnabs
a few weeks
list 3 ways maniac convinces russell and piper to go to school?
1. large pizza
2. marbles tournament only at recess at school
3. reading to them
in your own words, why won’t maniac leave russell and piper
i think he feels like he is their last chance to be saved from becoming totally bad or spoiled! He wants to help them before it is too late for them
what causes him to finally leave the mcnabs
he came home and they were throwing his glove like a football and he lost it, they listened to him for a few days more, then they started to do the opposite of what he asked, so he lost his control over the boys and he left
who does maniac bring to russell and piper’s birthday party?
Mars Bar, a black kid from East End
who did jeffrey and mars bar visit first
Mrs. Pickwell, because he wanted Mars bar to see the best of the West End first
what miracle happened at the party
Maniac thought it was a miracle that Mars bar was scared and trembling, but did not show fear
why did jeffrey enjoy mornings so much
he liked when the sun’s color was up before the sun actually came up and before the bison set out; he called it the “appleskin hours” and it was his special time because he felt it was his town – no division and no barriers – his town
who rescued russel
Mars bar
where did jeffrey live at the end of the book
the beale’s house