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Managing the Entourage Club

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The entourage club is a company by the students and for the students. The basic aim of establishing this club is to provide the students various forms of entertainment under one roof. This club is different from other service providers in the industry in a manner that it does not have the conventional services like health gyms and sports facilities. But this club is formed to help reduce the stress levels of all the students.

The membership will be entitled to people under the age of 30. This club will have various segments catering to the needs of all. The membership fees would be very affordable to attract large crowds. Students of various universities will be hired as managers and will be offered handsome salaries to run the club. Each manager will be appointed based on experience and ability to attract fellow students to the club. The club would have the following entertainment facilities.

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Managing the Entourage Club

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The entourage club would consist of more than 50 employees that will be working in 6 departments. The hierarchy would be a horizontal one so as to improve communication between the departments. Because the company belongs to the services sector where customer satisfaction is the top most priority.

The company’s departments include marketing, finance, customer care, maintenance, creative and human resource department. As mentioned above all the managers and coordinators will be students that would be studying in universities. This would be an on job experience for them and would also help them earn money. However a professional human resource officer would manage the human resource department so that quality recruitment is ensured.

Managing the Entourage Club

Management in earlier times was described as an art. But as people started developing various theories of effective management it soon became a scientific study. Successful managers who share their experience mainly contribute most of the theories in management. Since through practical it has gained universal acceptance and recognition therefore they are now available to students studying management and is indeed a great benefit.

But many a mangers still believe that management is an art. Successful managers are those who have mastered the art and had capabilities. No one gentleman can become a successful manager by reading and memorizing the theories given in the book (Chandler, 2004).

As management is a practical filed. But according to me management is a blend of both an art and a science. Since it requires skills to be a manager and the scientific methodology help polish the skills of person. Rather than him learning the skills in the practical field. As today’s world is a competitive one where there is no time to waste.

For e.g. In my club if I appoint managers that are new to the field it will take a lot of time for them to gain experience in managing their employees and being productive at their task. But if, they are aware of the various forms and applications of management that they have came across in the theory of management.

They indeed will achieve the desired goals in a much small time p as compare to others who have the talent but no prior knowledge. But also if the individual doesn’t possess qualities required for being a manager, then in that case even if he was aware of the theory he would never be successful at taking the company forward.

There are four major components of management. They include planning, leading, organizing and controlling


Organizational planning occurs all the time and in all manners. A top-level manager in a manufacturing plant will have different plans as compare to the supervisor who is responsible for assembling modular homes on an assembly line. Planning could include setting organizational goals. In general, planning can be strategic planning, tactical planning, or contingency planning.

Planning is the most important step in any organization. It is the backbone of the company on which future goals are based. It is essential to design a strategy in order to make the planning successful.

The grand strategy of my company would be attain customer satisfaction and to achieve the faith and loyalties of my customer. To implement this strategy there will be a need of affective marketing and to provide services in the manner they were described to the customers. In that way only the company will be able to achieve their goodwill. For our company a problem is basically defined as any situation that proves to be a hindrance or obstruction in providing the customers with the services they have paid for.

Decisions would be made on the spot with the consultation of all the managers of the department to involve them all in company’s decision making. All employees should be active contributors on the company’s affairs and should provide some value addition. The three types of plans that the company uses in its operations include strategic, tactical and operational plans.


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