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Management Concepts

Essay Topic:

Managerial decision-making Problem avoiders Problem solvers Problem seekers Approaches to decision making Classical decision model Behavioral decision model Judgmental decision model 2. With references to decision-making theory covered in the chapter, describe the type of managerial decision-making evident in this case, and the conditions under which decisions were made. Managerial Decision Making *Problem avoidably problem solvers *Problem seekers Decision conditions: *Certain environment *Risk environment uncertain environment 3.

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Evaluate the decisions made in the case in relation to the classical, behavioral and Judgmental heuristics approaches to decision-making that are outlined In the chapter. Which model do you believe best describes the situation and subsequent decision-making process In this case? Justify your answer? Approaches to decision making Classical decision model Judgmental decision model Case decision *Classical decision model Problem: it was the flood that damage Brisbane and Physics

Possible alternative: Not releasing flood waters. Consequently threatened stability of dam Optimizing decision: Release of flood waters being aware of potential damage. SOOT Analysts: Strengths: *New technology *They set priorities *Manage time Weakness: Lack of communication Misunderstanding Misconduct Problem solving Crisis Opportunities: *Professional engineer *Employment Threats: Natural disaster (climate change) Damage roads and homes. Conclusion People should make wise decision to save the life’s of the others.

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