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Management and Golden Rule

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At work, we should always be aware of the ones that do not appear to be ethical with decisions made for the company. Golden Rule 1 Samuel 19:1-3: How does Jonathan live by the Golden Rule in disclosing this information to David? Saul is on the hunt to kill David, but Jonathan, the son of Saul, is very fond of David. So Jonathan tells David about the plan and tells him to go hide. Jonathan Is living by the Golden Rule by telling Jonathan of the plan, because he feels that he should warn Jonathan as he would Like the same done to him if the tables were turned.

In the working place, you should always show your coworkers respect and you would want the same In return. Causes Significant Harm Samuel 16:1-3: Does Samuel have a duty to disclose this Information to Saul? If not, why? No Samuel does not have a duty to disclose this information, because the Lord, the most high, has asked him to do this. The Lord is the highest leader and his rules should be followed. Sometimes you are asked to fulfill a task at work in confidence.

When asked by the team leader, rules should be followed. Chapter Eleven 1. Human Dignity Isaiah 58:3: Why doesn't God hear the prayers of these managers? God doesn't hear the prayers of these managers because they are fasting, but the fasting ends with arguments and fist fights among each other. They cannot expect to be rewarded for these things. Getting along with each other In the office Is essential to get the Job done. One cannot be rewarded when each other cannot get along. 2.

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Management and Golden Rule

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Reciprocity Daniel 2:48-49, 6:1-4: Why is Daniel promoted? What admirable characteristics does he display? Daniel was promoted by the King because he was able to interpret his dream. The dream was interpreted correctly, and the King promoted him. Daniel displays dignity and loyalty to the king and all of its wise men. Being loyal to your am members promotes dignity and trust among the workplace. 3. Servant Leadership Mathew 20:24-28: What are the primary characteristics of Jesus' view of leadership?

His primary characteristic view is servant leadership. Leadership is based on power and self-interest. Authority is not an avenue for self-promotion but should be used to serve others. Being a leader you should still have respect for your team. 4. Gift Recognition Acts 6:1-6: Why are these seven men chosen to become early church leaders? These seven were chosen because they were spiritual and full of wisdom. These leaders

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