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Management and Global Business Manager

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To respond to these concerns, Franks priority should be to: a. Adopt a single point of contact between headquarters and the subsidiaries to focus the flow of Information. B. Ensure that several key people In the foreign subsidiaries are linked to Individuals at the headquarters who can represent and defend their views. C. Carefully select the people he interacts with in the subsidiaries in order to reduce conflicting perspectives regarding Innovation management. D. Listen to the different national perspectives and prolepses, but minimize differences In views from multiple bestiaries' input.

B 3. Which of the following does not enhance the efficiency of a local-for-local Innovation process? A. Dispersing assets and resources to the subsidiaries and delegating decision-making authority regarding Innovations to them. B. Assigning competent headquarter managers to lead development projects within a subsidiary. C. Improving linkages between headquarters and subsidiaries through the use of expatriates. D. Promoting cross-functional Integration at the subsidiary level. 4. Local-for-Local Innovative processes can be enhanced through Integrating absurdity functions across different levels.

At which level are the control and conflict resolution tasks best concentrated? A. At the project level (called "article team" at Philips), where relatively junior managers from the commercial and technical functions work together b. At the product level, where a team of technical and commercial representatives engage in cross-functional coordination c.

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Management and Global Business Manager

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