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Management and Accommodation Arrangements

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1. Explain the purpose of correctly receiving, checking and sorting mail and packages (both incoming and outgoing).

2. Complete the table below with the following information:

•At least two examples of internal mail services that are available to organisations •At least two examples of external mail services that are available to organisations

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Management and Accommodation Arrangements

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Internal mail servicesExternal mail services




3. Describe two methods that you can use to calculate postage charges for mail and / or packages.

1. Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used. Include examples of at least three different types of office equipment.

2. Explain the purpose of following manufacturer’s instructions when using equipment.

3. Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for the next user.

Section 4 – Understand how to keep waste to a minimum in a business environment

1. Explain why waste should be kept to a minimum in a business environment.

1. Complete the table below listing at least two different types of meetings and describing the main features of each type of meeting.

Type of meetingMain features

2. When arranging a meeting:

•What sources and types of information are typically needed? •How should meetings be arranged?

Section 6 – Understand procedures for organising travel and accommodation arrangements

1. Explain the purpose of confirming instructions and requirements for business travel and accommodation.

2. Complete the table below with an outline of the main types of business travel and accommodation arrangements that may need to be made and the procedures that should be followed when doing this.

Travel and accommodation arrangementsProcedures

3. Explain the purpose of keeping records of travel / accommodation arrangements in a business environment.

Section 7 – Understand diary management procedures

1. Briefly explain the purpose of using a diary system to plan activities at work. Give at least two reasons.

2. Identify the information needed to maintain a diary system in the workplace.

2. Identify at least two main causes of waste in a business environment.

3. How can you keep waste to a minimum in a business environment? Describe at least two ways of doing this.

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