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Mahoney and Millman

The Photocopier should be of deluxe version which must have capacity to produce minimum 3000 copies per month and about 25 copies at a time. The photocopier must have a collator and use regular paper.

Warranty: The Photocopier shall be under warranty for a minimum period of one year.

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  Terms and conditions: Service support for repair has to be provided after expiry of warranty period. Photocopier is to be installed in our office on fifth floor of the building.

Price: Price quoted must be inclusive of all taxes.

Delivery Period: Photocopier is to be delivered with in month time from the date of issue of purchase order.

You are requested to submit your lowest quote with in a week from receipt of this letter for all the models available in the range.

Thanking you.

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William Wilson

Office Manager


1) David Diringer; Frederick A, Praeger; Writing History; 1962

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