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C)What would you do if you were Datin Timah? * Be innovative, go for incremental & radical innovations, be creative, think out of the box, invent, innovate, imitate. SHOW & TELL US WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO. If we were Datin Timah given the option whether to take up the Guardian’s offer or just sell off the business to the Watson, we will take up the Guardian’s offer rather than sell off to the Watson. This is due to the profit betterment. If we take up Watson’s offer, we can only get the short term profit and we cannot longer be in the industry.

However, if we take up the Guardian’s offer, we can have the long term profit and we can sustain in the industry since the Guardian will help us in supplying our product to end customer. Furthermore, Guardian will not interfere in the management of Orang Kampung since their focused only to the product. Beside, they are willing to assist Orang Kampung in Research & Development and also production because they have the expertise. We can say that was the golden opportunity for the Orang Kampung to expand their market and target market.

To sustain in the market, one product need to move together with the time, therefore, if before this Orang Kampung not concerned about how they package their product, now, they need to concerned since attractive packaging one of the important marketing strategy that able to catch up the customer and able to compete with other competitor’s product. Datin Timah is very conservative and holds to traditional way in making the product, so, she does not believe in revamping traditional medicine into modern pills and capsules, because according to her the purity of the traditional medicine will be contaminated with the toxic-chemicals.

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From our point of view, we believe that research and development team have a way how to maintain the traditional taste and benefit of the traditional medicine but still can modernized it so that it can compete with other modern medicine. However, if Datin Timah still doesn’t have faith with the team we suggest that she open an outlet in where she herself serves the product in traditional way where we believe that the traditional way is by boil the herbs and roots.

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