Madison’s Gift Chapter 1

What state did James Madison represent in the Colonial Congress?
College of New Jersey
What college did James Madison graduate from?
What name does the College of New Jersey go by today?
Kitty Floyd
James Madison fell in love with a delegates daughter from New York, who was she?
Intestinal woes and epilepsy
What medical issues did James Madison suffer from?
November 1783
When did news of the Treaty of Paris reach Philadelphia?
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France and citizens
Who did the United States have debt to after the American Revolution?
Articles of Confederation
What constitution was the U.S. Government under with its independence?
All 13 colonies
How could the U.S. tax citizens under the Articles of Confederation?
What crisis faced the army in the Winter of 1783?
Where was Congress meeting in 1783?
Ides of March
What date did General Washington meet with disgruntled army officers?
Who said “open the floodgates of civil discord and deluge our rising empire in blood” during the officer threatened mutiny?
25 year import tax
What did James Madison suggest to pay off the national debt?
Circular Letter of Farewell to the Army
What did General Washington’s echo of support of taxation to pay the national debt come in?
Princeton, NJ
Where did the Congress flee to when confronted by Pennsylvania soldiers demanding back pay?
Who advised President Washington when he first became president?
Who did James Madison side with to start the first political party?
War of 1812
What war occurred during James Madison’s presidency to make him America’s first war president?
What was the estate of James Madison’s family called?
Father of the Constitution
What acknowledgment did James Madison not care for?
What did Madison’s quote “like the fabled Goddess of Wisdom, the offspring of a single brain. It ought to be regarded as the work of many hands and many heads,” refer?
How many towns and counties are named after James Madison across the United States?
What city is Madison Avenue in, the only president to have a major avenue named for them there?
Where did Jefferson say the following quote of Madison “But, ah! He could never stand up against strenuous opposition.”
Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson
What 3 defining partnerships of James Madison involved Revolution leaders?
James Monroe
What rival and fellow Virginian made up a defining partnership for James Madison?
At what age did James Madison die?
Dolley Payne Todd
Who did James Madison marry?
How many siblings did James Madison have?