LSR Week 9

which are the contributing factors to increase in the number of single adults?
greater emphasis on advanced education, an increase in the number of women who no longer depend on marriage for economic stability, an increase in the number of people choosing not to marry at all. (NOT: an increase in the practice of serial monogamy)
current social attitudes toward cohabitation can best be described as
increasingly accepting
one of the disadvantages cohabiting couples may experience is
cohabiting couples are less likely to be monogamous
marriage has served all of the following functions:
defining inheritance rights, providing a structured economic partnership, regulating sexual behaviour.
the term that most specifically describes a form of marriage between one woman and several men simultaneously is called
according to the authors, a good marriage:
means a commitment to working on problems
which is the best predictor of marital satisfaction?
moments of support, kindness, passion and mutual pleasure that far outweigh moments of disgust, criticism, defensiveness and anger
couples who report having a good marriage believe that their marriages ____ them as individuals?
ken reports that sex is the “bread and butter” of his relationship. he is probably
in a satisfying long-term relationship
reasons cited by the authors as reasons for engaging in nonconsensual extramarital sex
-wanting to expand emotionally or sexually
-unavailability of sex within the marriage
-a way to begin ending a marriage is no longer satisfying
(NO: a manifestation of sexual addiction)
name an example of consensual extramarital relationship?
a swinging
according to anthropologist Helen Fisher, the reason that humans have a natural inclination to want to end a relationship after four years is:
that is approximately enough time for a child to be weaned from total dependence
many people who remarry claim that their second marriage is ____ than the first. ______ marriages are more likely to end in divorce
better; second
approximately ____ of divorced persons remarry, most within _____ years of the divorce
80%; three
aging in our society is often associated with sexlessness for what reasons
-many people still equate sex with procreation
-there is a disproportionate focus on youth in this culture
-there is an unspoken attitude that it is not acceptable for older people to have sexual needs
the double standard of ageing is reflected in the pairing of:
powerful, older men and young, beautiful women