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Lord of the Flies

When the boys initially arrive at the island it is a beautiful tropical paradise, yet with the progression of the novel it is ultimately destroyed.When the boys first land on the island the airplane caused a “long scar across the 14).Demonstratively, upon mans arrival the human flaw of deposing destruction to nature has been placed upon the island, by Annihilating Its destruction.

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Secondly, the boys push a boulder Into the water and describe It being “Like a bomb. (Gilding, 24). It demonstrates that the boys enjoy destroying the Island, for even in fun and games mans destructive nature is present.

Thirdly, the peak of the boys destructive to nature instinct is present at the end of the novel when the boys set the forest on fire in order to find Ralph, “Smoke was seeping through the branches in white and yellow wisps, the path of blue sky overhead turned into color of storm 180) . The forests fire set mans ultimate disrespect to nature, and demonstrated mans and societies fault of destruction to nature. Overall, through out the novel mans defect of destruction of nature is present in their society and merely exposed by comparing the state of the island when they arrived, a beautiful paradise, to their departure, completely destroyed.

Moreover, both Jack and Ralph assume leadership positions In the novel, and they both were guilty of mans flaw to abuse power, corrupting those under It. Firstly, Ralph attempted to create a civilization similar to their own by creating rules that had to be abided by the group, but as demonstrated in his actions the rules didn’t apply o himself. When Ralph was defending Piggy in front of the group he says, “He wont be interrupted, except by me l” (Gilding, 32). Ralph demonstrated his manly defect of abuse of power for he made exceptions to himself, being the leader.

Secondly, Jack abuses their power over Piggy, by calling him names and mistreating him. Jack constantly tells him to “Shut up, Fatty. ” (Gilding, 181 and bullies Piggy due to his figure and minority. Jack Is aware of his superiority over Piggy in the island and abuses of It whenever he has the chance. By abusing Piggy, a minority figure Jack buses of his power. Thirdly, Jack promoted himself as chief of his new tribe where he abused his power to the extreme by ruling In a dictatorship style.

The boys spoke about what Jack did to those whom disobeyed, they said “He got angry and made us tie Wittier a Eng, 159). Jacks anuses AT Nils position Is ultimately a unman Ana exposed in his leadership of society. Overall, both leader figures in the novel were guilty of mans flaw of abuse of power which was an apparent flaw demonstrated by the gradual destruction of their civilization. Furthermore, in the novel the boys demonstrate their human defect of wanting to satisfy their own basic needs over the benefit of others.

Firstly, Jack demonstrates his selfish instincts when he decides to hunt the pig leaving behind the responsibility of keeping the fire flaming. When confronted about allowing the fire to go out Jack continuously says, should have seen the blood (Gilding, 64). Ultimately, Jack demonstrates abundantly his Joy of killing the pig, yet demonstrates no remorse for endangering the boys chance of rescue. Secondly, the Littleton are an illustration of the human defect to satisfy their own needs over others by neglecting hygiene and cleanliness of the island in order to lead easy lives.

Ralph confronts the group about the islands hygiene he says, move chose the rocks right along the bathing pool as our lavatory…. Now people seem to use everywhere. “(Gilding, 74). The boys disregard to hygiene is a principal that demonstrates mans defect of selfish instincts regardless of betterment of society. Thirdly, Jacks human defect of satisfying his needs over societies is demonstrated in the final chapter of the novel when the boys begin to burn down the forest to capture Ralph, it was described as a “big one… Hat outruns a gallant horse” (Gilding,182) . His selfish human instincts lead to the massive destruction of the Jungle which is ultimately the boys main source of survival, and by burning it down Jacks selfish instincts lead to the destruction of the boys final chance for survival faulting civilization entirely. Overall, through out the novel the human flaw of self-centered instincts is demonstrated by various characters, and monumentally leads to destruction within society.

Overall in the novel the “Lord of the Flies” by William Gilding explores the idea that society flaws are traced back to human nature, by illustrating defects in human beings and the defects they upon on the overall society. Relevant flaws illustrated includes mans destruction of nature, abuse of power and self-centered motifs. The novel implies that civilizations flaws are mainly based on the defects of human nature, and man have no one to blame but themselves for the imperfections of society.

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