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Looking For Alaska Double Entry Journal

“Two rows behind me, I heard a chair move and turned around to see Alaska standing up, slinging her backpack over one arm” Peg.39 This quote shows how loyal Alaska is.She believes that what Budge was getting kicked out of class for was not fair so she did what Alaska usually does-spoke her mind.

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If Budge was going to get kicked out of class and she was going with him. It only makes him like her even more. Rorer adorable,’ she said, and I felt the intensity of her eyes on me and looked away nervously. ‘Too bad I love my boyfriend. ” Peg. 43 Budge is so in love with Alaska that just the slightest compliment makes his day. He knows there’s something between them and I think Alaska knows that secretly too because of the way she looked at him. But again, her boyfriend is the problem. ” “She smiled with all the delight of a kid on Christmas morning and said, “Hall smoke to enjoy it, I smoke to die. Peg. 44 1 had to read this quote over a few times to really get what she meant by it. This quote shows Alaskan character and who she really Is. She Is not afraid of death by smoking. I think she believes that if you live your life to the fullest, that it doesn’t matter what age you re when you die. “But why Alaska? I asked her. She smiled with the right side of her mouth. Well, later I found out what It means. Its from an Aleut word, Alaska.

It means “that which the sea breaks against,” and I love that. ” Peg 53 1 wondered why her name was Alaska through the whole first part of the book, because the name interested me so much. I picked this quote because It shows her being more vulnerable and talking about things like her name and Its meaning. I also Like dhow Budge was so Interested In knowing more about Alaska, and I really do hope they get together later In the book.

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