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My city would have a lot of fun things to do. I want my city to have a a big mall so that I can go shopping all the time. The mall will also be open everyday for 24 hours so everyone can go anytime they want.

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I will make the mall have all the stores in the world so we can find anything we want and can for a very cheap price. There will also be a basketball court which I will build in the playground because basketball is my favorite sport.

I will make a lot of schools and library around my city so that everyone in my city would be smart and will know how to read and write. School will be open only one day a week and we will only go for one hour a day and it will be for gym only. I will create a pizza hut swell as pizza is my favorite food and I will make them give it away for free so that everyone can eat there whenever they want. Pizza hut will be serving all types of food so anyone can enjoy there favorite type of pizza UT, all of the pizza slices has to have pineapple as it tastes very good!

I also made a church for everyone to be going there on Wednesday and Sundays. I like going to H. E. B a lot so it will also be the only place where we can buy our food and everyone can get H. E. B buddy bucks! H. E. B will be giving out a lot of free prizes to everyone and I will make them give more free coupons too! I will make sure my fun Is very fun for everyone and is the most greenest one In the world!