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Local Motor

Local Motor Input from potential customers and car enthusiasts Community-help-> select the model to produce Create ideation contest Existing customer to bring new customer Involve customers to cars production->Customer assembles parts-> 60 hours of assembling- incriminatory(local) Good ? Yes. Big players are bankrupt American market Is moving to full-design and attentive No mass production->Seek (experimental) Are the designer customers? Are car enthusiasts customers?

Do-it -yourself who might be customers Ideal business model: Design online enthusiasts (critique/ votes, design willingness) – customer (get money here and pose sales If possible For design: perfect competition Perfect Information Best designs For online enthusiasts: Best design/constraints Best design-> Customers want For customer Best design is exactly what the customers want Sold and make money True model: Transaction cost: Designers are cars enthusiasts so that is may not entirely fair It is hard to recruit designers Increase Price Money for competition Explicit Incentive Designers IP (intellectual patent) Final decision may not what the customer wants What design Is actually manufacture Ensure suppliers? And service? 1. The designers are mostly the car enthusiasts while the customer may not, and we 2.

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The factor of the manufacture availability should be taken into consideration when deciding which design should be manufactured. 3. The intellectual patent of the designer. How we should protect their P? 4. It is hard to recruit car designers 5. The service supplied to the customer Make sure the vote is fair. If it matches what the customers want Designers may not afford to buy a car A way to make designer a customer?