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LMS Workshop: Leadership, Recruitment and Performance

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Leadership styles comprises of many forms from autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire (Hersey, P. 1984).

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LMS Workshop: Leadership, Recruitment and Performance

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. and Blanchard 1977). Efficient and effective leadership and recruitment skills is an indispensable and fundamental tool to master as business students (Carnegie, 2012). one must acquire processes, tools, and practices that cooperate and utilize one’s knowledge, technical and specialist expertise in fulfilling the strategic aim (Leonhardt, 2000). The MBA Leadership, recruitment and performance course has provided me with immense advantages in self-improvement, learning, strategies, aiding towards the efficiency and importance of effective recruiting. Areas covered included; recruitment-process, factors, sources, identify methods of select techniques, cautions for practice, in enabling one’s objectives, and propose solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. Furthermore, assigned interactive group exercise, group discussions, as well as individual activities, were implemented to enable varies approaches to learning. The importance of inclusive of contingency, understanding the brief, objectives, identifying various areas of one’s weaknesses through task evaluation and analysis, is critical to successful intelligent learning (Cottrell 2008). Implementing these new approaches and strategies, those were not parallel to previous approaches, provides countless benefits in enhancing one’s confidence in communication, the adaptation of various methods of recruitment, face to face semi-structured interview enabling an in-depth account of valuable experience and perception with individuals (McCann, et al., 2013). Moreover, the importance of establishing relationships with potential clients is paramount to recruitment and performance. One can assert that one has gained the knowledge and formalities of HR team practice and management in recruitment activities such as situation appraisal and situations (Hersey and Blanchard 1977), inkling with the Equality Act 2010’ which prohibits any form of employers discrimination. In addition, one had gained the knowledge in recruitment selections enabling one’s learning of various aspect, i.e. in providing practical advice, prepare effectively for the interview, construct and place job advertisements and in making informed selections based on appropriate criteria (Backhaus, 2004). Moreover, the critical elements gained will no doubt be complementary to my future career, in business. Implementing the strategy and learning gained will propel my short and long-term goals. It has developed an experiential and diverse experience and giving me the opportunity to effectively interact with diverse groups of individuals and learn from their business insights, and endeavours. Furthermore, this will enable a more productive and coherent work with greater efficiency, with competence, and enhance the ability to approach managing tasks with effectiveness and in linguistic and communicative competence (Charles, 2007, and Hymes, 1972). Additionally, analysis is a critical and an important skill, one which is essential for future leadership, recruitment and performance of a firm, in terms of assessing retention, readiness for change, and validity. Furthermore, the effective techniques for one’s personal development and enhanced knowledge and skills gained shall be presented as a great asset to enhance one’s employability (Cottrell 2005). Reference(s):
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