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Living to Eat or Eating to Live

Shawn McKee: I’m Shawn McKee staff writer ediets. com. I’m here with Pamela Ofstein- director of Nutrition Services.

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And today, we are talking about beauty foods. Now, Pam, you know the foods are good to have a….. weight, keep you healthy but can it make beautiful as well?!?! Pamela: Absolutely, a lot of food canreally help you from inside out, so whichyou. …. n your body, u can……nice-close skin, u can have less wrinkles, u can haveright oilin your skin =>food does a lot: helping you look younger andliving in my 20 (ch? naynenthay =“fighting aging”(V)chono hay). Iwannacontinue to do that. Shawn:Right. Now I understand that. What foods can we eat? I mean, u brought somethinghere,you’lltalk about somefoods? Pam: No! Absolutely, I just go over what they specifically do, but a lot of these foods can help u with your hair and also for your skin. 1)Vitamin C helps damage skin cancer and protect you from free radicals. (2) Foods like whole wheat, eggs and garlic – they are rich in selenium in can protect skin from sun – also is a good choicebecause it provides for u protein and grainas well. (3) Don’t forget your seafood with omega 3s – they contain essential fatty acids that are important to the skin’s oil barrier,help you have right oilthat can protect you from the sun.

Oyster, meat…have some zinc and they helpcontrol acne and help your hair more shining. Spinach isanother one. And redpepper is also an essential food. Shawn: Ok. And u saidoilfoods(t konh? nrala food hay fruit @@) are good. Pam: Yes. Oil foods, generally, u know very a lot of in vegetables and fruits- foods have a lot of colors, so u know …and orange have a lot of vitamin C => we can’t…….. to diet. (do? nnayba? ynoinhud? hoi i ? ). But carrot,cantaloupe and sweet