Literature lesson Unit Check Point Lesson 6

In “The Fish I Didn’t Catch,” how does John Greenleaf Whittier stress the importance of the story’s events?
As an adult, he writes about something that happened to him as a child and points out what the experience taught him
In “Mother to Son,” what does Langston Hughes do to create a bond between the speaker and the reader?
He uses the second-person point of view
What supports an essay’s thesis?
Which could be used as valid evidence in a persuasive essay?
an expert’s opinion
If a writer decides to make an emotional appeal in an essay to persuade her audience of her opinion, which of the following is she likely to include?
a touching anecdote
What conclusion can be drawn about the old smith in “Honest Work”?
He does not care that others think his extreme carefulness is foolish
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With which statement would the speaker of “Perseverance” be most likely to agree
Work hard now if you want to enjoy life later
Which words from Goethe’s “Perseverance” help convey the idea that life can be extremely positive and beautiful?
ripe gold ears and flowers
In “If” and “Can’t,” what do both Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Guest do?
employ the second-person point of view to create a bond between speaker and reader
How are the stories and poems in this unit similar?
All the authors want to give their readers some form of valuable advice or instruction