List/Describe categories of social movements and example

What are the different categories of social movements?
Regressive, reform, revolutionary, and utopian.
What is a regressive social movement? (3)
Goal is to adhere to social tradition: either prevents change from happening or roll back changes that have diverged from traditional norms
Politically conservative in nature
Satisfied w/current state of society, but see a need for some changes or prevention of change
Ex: Pro-life advocates
What is a reform social movement? (2)
On the whole happy with society, but seek to create changes in the normative structure to create a more progressive (non-traditional) society.
Politically liberal in nature
Ex: Civil Rights Movement of 1960/70’s
What is a revolutionary social movement? (4)
Largely dissatisfied with society
Seek radical transformation of social structure
Violence usually seen as an acceptable way to bring desired social change about
Can be liberal or conservative
Ex: liberal – new Black Panther Party, conservative – KKK
What is a utopian social movement? (2)
Largely dissatisfied with society
Seek separation from the mainstream to create their own near-perfect society
Ex: Jonestown