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Linux Companies

LINUX COMPANIES 1. Quintet solutions National Residency Complex, Edappally, Kochi-24, Kerala, INDIA [email protected] com +91-484-4055472 2.

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Vipoint solutions 3. Spark supportWindows Engineer SparkSupport Infotech Pvt Ltd. 3rd Floor, Leela Infopark Phase II, Kochi-30, Kerala, India Phone:+91 484 6561696 [email protected] com 4. Ideamine technologies Linux System Engineer (1 – 3 years) 111/347-B, PTRA 106, First floor, P T Road, Chembumukku, Kochi – 682021 Kerala, India [pic] 91-484-4044362 [email protected] com 5. Armia 6. Admin ahead First Floor, Image Arcade | |Airport-Seaport Road | |Kakkanad | |Cochin – 682037 | |Kerala , India | [email protected] com 7. Admod technologies 8. Syntrio technologies 9. N dimensionz 10. On mobile 11. Hash root 12. Hashcod 13. BVS technologies 14. Rmesi 15. X Minds 16. OOPS Matrix (Denoct) 17. KSWAN 18. Vanilla networks 19. Sequires 20. Aigensolutions 21. Xieles 22. Webhostrepo 23. Supportsages 24. Servadm 25. Logicsupport 6. Bobcares 27. Bigserversolutions 28. Cliffsupport 29. Liquidsupport 30. Supportlobby 31. Best value Support 32. Supportresort 33. Asteriskssoft 34. Igloo 35. Takira solutions 36. Active Lobby NB:These are the companies i know. You do one thing search the contact number of these companies in google and call them and say that you heard about some vacancies there. Then they will give their mail id or will say to come directly to their company. Before that study DNS,DHCP,HTTP server,mail server, all port numbers,basic commands,hardlink,softlink,nice value,find,grep,pipe,all configuration files,mysql port number etc……

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