Lifespan Chapter 17 and 18

Which of the following is an obstacle to good hearing among the elderly?
Increased production of ear wax, blocking the ear canals.
Which of the following is statistically true of older drivers?
They have more accidents per miles driven than younger drivers.
The scientific study of aging is known as ______________.
At what point in the human life cycle do the greatest number of deaths occur?
In infancy and early childhood
In the United States today, the average 65 year old man will live to be how old?
In the United States today, the average 65 year old woman will live to be how old?
If you are a centenarian, you
are at least 100 years old.
What is the fastest-growing segment of the population in the United States today?
Oldest old subgroup
What is the single largest factor that determines the trajectory of an adult’s physical or mental status beyond age 65?
Why will every industrialized nation in the world face a demographic crisis in the near future?
There will be fewer young and middle-aged workers to provide for the financial well-being of the elderly.
Which of the following terms applies to intellectually demanding tasks such as managing finances and paying bills?
Instrumental activities of daily living
Which of the following chronic conditions is more common in men over 65 than women over 65?
Heart disease
Which activity seems to be the most important health habit in old age?
Calorie restriction
Which of the following is correct regarding vision in late adulthood?
The pupil does not widen or narrow as much or as quickly, which causes problems in adapting to variations in light and glare.
Macular degeneration is most likely to occur in __________.
late adulthood
Auditory problems typically are experienced
by more men than women.
Which of the following sensations results from decreased production of saliva?
Wooly mouth
About how long is the maximum human lifespan?
110-120 years
What is the biggest single behavioral effect of age-related physical change in late adulthood?
A general slowing down
Which of the following would be less affected by the general slowing down that older adults experience?
Being a generally optimistic person
How are sleep patterns typically affected by age?
Older adults must nap more during the day in order to accumulate the sleep they need.
After eating, the blood sugar rises, resulting in chemical message being sent to the brain that causes the individual to feel “full.” What is the term for this sensation of fullness?
What is the most serious consequence stemming from the loss of balance among older adults?
An increase in falls
What does your text suggest about older women’s sexual behavior?
They are more sexually adventurous and willing to experiment.
Which of the following is likely to affect sexual activity in older age?
Which of the following is a neurological disorder that includes problems with memory and thinking that affect an individual’s emotional, social, and physical functioning?
Which of the following is the BEST definition of Alzheimer’s disease?
A severe form of dementia for which the cause is unknown
In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, you can expect the individual to show
Apropensity toward repetitive conversation.
Which of the following is definitively diagnostic of Alzheimer’s disease?
The presence of neurofibrillatory tangles in the brain
Which of the following is a common cause of dementia?
Multiple blows to the head
Are elders living in poverty more or less likely to have depression?
Elders living in poverty are at a higher risk for depression than others.
Which of the following does research indicate to be the strongest predictor of depression among older adults?
Poor health
Some researchers suggest that African Americans have lower rates of depression than white Americans because African Americans are especially likely to utilize which of the following when dealing with emotional difficulties?
Their religious faith and their church
What is the most effective treatment for depression in older adults?
A combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication
Which of the following senses is least likely to change because of physical deterioration in old age?
How did Erikson characterize the developmental task of late adulthood?
Ego integrity versus despair
As older adults reminisce about their life, which of the following describes the judgments they make about their past behavior?
Life review
According to research, what is the most common effect of activity upon later life?
Greater life satisfaction and morale
Gender roles tend to be least rigid in old age. This is reflective of which of the following aspects of disengagement theory?
Increased individuality
According to disengagement theory, which of the following is the tendency of people to interact with fewer and fewer people and fill fewer and fewer roles?
Shrinkage of life space
Frank worked as a professional cabinet maker most of his adult life. He very much enjoyed this work, but is now somewhat limited in his physical ability to handle large pieces of carpentry. Frank currently builds smaller pieces of furniture such as chairs and coffee tables. Which of the following explains Frank’s behavior?
Continuity theory
Which of the following best summarizes the paradigm of successful aging proposed by Rowe and Kahn?
Successful aging integrates components of physical, cognitive, and social health that are influenced by earlier behaviors and decisions.
What is the term used by gerontologists to describe maintaining one’s physical health, mental abilities, social competence and general satisfaction with life?
Successful aging
According to research in the United States and Japan, which factor might help individuals to recover from a health crisis such as a stroke or a fracture?
Adopting recovery goals proposed by rehabilitation specialists
Which of the following describes the component of successful aging that involves a willingness to learn new things?
Cognitive adventurousness
Which component of social support seems to be most meaningful to elderly adults?
The opportunity to reciprocate and give support as well as receive it
Which of the following is an effect of volunteerism upon older adults?
improved life satisfaction.
Which of the following is one of the components of successful aging outlined in your text?
Mental activity
Which of the following is the best definition of spirituality?
A general tendency to focus on aspects of life which transcend one’s physical existence
What is the term used for living in a noninstitutional environment to which appropriate modifications have been made for the elderly individual?
Aging in place
Which of the following is correct regarding the nature of marital status and living arrangements in late adulthood in the United States?
The normal expectation for a woman is that she will eventually be without an intimate partner or spouse.
Which of the following is unlikely to be an important factor to consider when an aging adult must decide whether or not to live with an adult child?
Social network access
Nick and Kathy love to play golf and swim. They recently moved to an apartment complex in Florida where everyone is about their age or perhaps a little older. They live autonomously but share common interests with their many neighbors and enjoy socializing on an almost daily basis. Nick and Kathy are probably living in which of the following?
An independent living community
Bertie is pretty spry and she likes her independence, which is considerable for a 94-year-old. Still, she is not able to cook for herself anymore and has some difficulty with certain activities of daily living. Miss Bertie might be a good candidate for living in which of the following?
An assisted living facility
Which of the following describes a common belief in Asian cultures which holds that children have the responsibility to care for their aging parents?
Filial piety
Which of the following offers a continuum of care ranging from independent living to skilled nursing care?
Continuing-care retirement communities
Which of the following is true regarding the positive effects of marriage on physical and psychological functioning of older adults?
They occur among both women and men, but are generally greater for men than women.
Which of the following best summarizes the research findings regarding older adults’ relationships with their children?
Healthy relationships with their children contribute to happiness and well-being, but are not necessary for it.
About 65% of the elderly in the United States live ________ of at least one of their children.
within about an hour
Compared to the relationship between an older adult and her adult children, the relationship between an older adult and her friends is more likely to
be reciprocal or equitable.
Which of the following is likely to retire earliest?
An individual in poor health
Who is likely to retire latest?
An individual whose work is challenging and interesting
Which of the following is most likely to express retirement satisfaction?
Herrmann, who has worked continuously throughout his adult life
What is the largest source of income for most elderly adults in the United States?
Social Security
Which of the following is a contributing factor to declining poverty rates among the elderly in the United States?
Cost-of-living increases in Social Security
Research suggests that those who respond most poorly to retirement are those who
had the least control over the process.
Louise and Woodrow moved to a retirement community on a lake because they like to fish and ski. According to Longino, their move could be considered to be which of the following?
Amenity move
When Aunt Ruth began to lose her eyesight, she could no longer live alone. She was invited to move in with her niece Anne. Ruth’s move would be considered to be which of the following?
Which of the following is suggested by your text as perhaps the greatest obstacle to employment for older adults?
Employers’ perceptions about older workers’ ability to learn new job skills
How are older adults typically evaluated by management in the work place?
As being more reliable than younger employees