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Life of samuel d jackson

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This assignment consists of a written synopsis of a scholarly biography or biographies of a notable figure in American history, and an oral presentation of the work. In your synopsis, please be certain to explain the most important observations made by the author(s) concerning the contributions of the historic figure to American history and the ideal of American exceptionalism. The submission is not to exceed five type-written pages of double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman font. All pages must be numbered and your name included on the work.

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Life of samuel d jackson

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The written portion of the ssignment is due on Monday, 18 November 2013. Dates for oral presentations will be assigned at a later time. All written submissions must be made electronically and in hard-copy. Your selection of biographic topic must be made by Monday 14 October 2013. The following historic fgures are presented for your consideration: Thomas Alva Edison Andrew Jackson Calvin Coolidge Will Rogers Susan B. Anthony Clare Booth Luce Martin Luther King, Jr. Albert Einstein Harriet Tubman Dwight David Eisenhower George C. Marshall Henry A. Kissinger Ronald Wilson Reagan

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