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Life of Pi

Name- Htet Hlaing Hmee ( 1207C20609 ) Period- 1 Life of Pi Novel Proposal Theme- The Nature of Suffering Argument A Point 1- Pi can’t imagine a God who suffers Quotation- “This son, on the other hand, who goes hungry, who suffers from thirst, who gets tired, who is sad, who is anxious, who is heckled and harassed” ( 91 ) Point 2 – Pi stops when he’s working out the immediate detail of survival.Quotation – “I was either fixed on practical details of immediate survival or transfixed by pain, weeping silently, my mouth open and my hands at my head.” (169) Point 3- The worst night of his life

Quotation- “It is pointless to say that this or that night was the worst of my life.

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I have so many bad nights to choose from that I’ve made none the champion. Still, that second night at sea stands in my memory as one of exceptional suffering” ( 188 ) Argument B Point 1- Suffering grief becomes carnivorous Quotation- “They were dead; I could no longer deny it. What a thing to acknowledge in your heart! To lose a brother is to lose someone with whom you can share the experience of growing old, who is supposed to bring you a sister-in-law and nieces and nephews, creatures to people the tree of your life and give it new branches. ( 194 ) Point 2 – Orange Juice’s suffering to proportions Quotation- “She was beheaded. The neck wound was still bleeding. It was a horrible sight to the eyes and killing to the spirit. ” ( 201 ) Point 3- Realizes his suffering is taking place in the middle of an ocean Quotation- “I saw my suffering for what it was, finite and insignificant, and I was still. My suffering did not fit anywhere, I realized. And I could accept this” (269) Argument C Point 1- No escape for poor Pi.

Quotation- “Salt-water boils – red, angry, disfiguring – were a leprosy of the high seas, transmitted by the water that soaked me” ( 389 ) Point 2- Pi’s suffering drives him Quotation- “I ate some of his flesh. I mean small pieces, little strips that I meant for the gaff’s hook that, when dried by the sun, looked like ordinary animal flesh” ( 386 ) Point 3- Pi turns to God at one of the points of his Pacific crossing Quotation- “The lower you are, the higher your mind will want to soar. It was natural that, bereft as I was, in the throes of unremitting suffering, I should turn to God. ” ( 428 )

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