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Life can be beautiful for nightclub managers

The job of a nightclub manager is a professional and exciting profession. However, the common misconceptions that a nightclub manager’s life is full of glamour or he lives a posh life are another thing. Every job has its own idiosyncrasies but every job can be rewarding as well.

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The smooth functioning, the profitability, and the significant degree of input on the attitude and operations of the club all depend with the club manager (“Career,” 2007).

People should be aware that club managers have many potentials high profile professions do not have. They are the creative people others sometimes looked down. Their brains are wired up with good marketing schemes for the welfare of their customers and business as a whole. Thus, the offshoots of their talents and strategies mean customer satisfaction and good business. In spite of the fact that a nightclub manager’s job is a professional career it is still being questioned by few people. Consequently, there are many pressing issues a nightclub manager encounters. But I think a nightclub manager should not be alarmed at all about facing these issues often connoted in their line of work.

The idea of excitement with this kind of job is overwhelming. This paper looks at the functions and duties of nightclub managers in higher form of scrutiny but with high regards. The concentration of this paper is not just the juxtaposition of the acceptable and unacceptable realities when one is a nightclub manager but most importantly to make reforms on the conventional views towards the real job of a nightclub manager.

It is a prevalent reality that nightclubs are known for infamous industry of entertainment: alcohol, drugs, prostitution, and crimes. But in other clubs it is actually the opposite reality. The problem with this view is that few people tend to make generalizations and distort ideas about nightclubs which influence other people’s belief. Consequences are: (1) the persuasive power of these few people who thinks nightclubs are a place of unwanted activities attracts majority, (2) the misinterpretation of the reality that often than not there are many decent clubs, and (3) managers who operate nightclubs are being attacked regarding questions of morality, ergo, they are being looked down.

The writer does intend to be assertive and hopes to lay down critical views. So, the crucial questions which need to be answered in this short paper are:

1.To what extent does a nightclub manager can control his customers and his staff in terms of providing service to customers?

2.  What are the scopes and limitations a manager can give when a customer demands service?

3.  How to make every operation of the club runs smoothly without sacrificing customer satisfaction?

It is always important to remember that to make a good business the manager can choose to become always submissive or not. The slogan “the customer is always right” should not be taken literally because this is not always the case. The purpose of this paper is not to draw a clear line between what is morally right and wrong, though. But it should be noted that nightclub managers are professional beings and they are aware of ethical matters whether they deny it or not.

Nightclub manager has all the right to enforce his authority over his subordinates and in some cases the owner of the establishment. Since providing a good service to the customers is the key to profitable business the nightclub manager’s duties should be handled accordingly. Although formal education is needed, experience in club industry is a requisite. Advertising, management, customer service, inventory control, and financial aspects (e.g. revenues, cash flow costs, etc.) of the club are just some of the concerns being managed by the nightclub manager.

But one more thing that should serve as a reminder, the work of nightclub managers is not easy as others may want to think. I conducted an interview with one nightclub manager and he said that in his line of work he literally works to death, that he have not yet imagined until he became a nightclub manager himself.

The answer to question number two is a scenario which was provided by the manager I have interviewed (see Appendix A). One customer talks to the nightclub manager and whispers something while looking at the stage. They both look at Mikaela, an exquisite beauty and dancer of the club. The manager can recognize the lust on the customer’s eyes and he said “No” and that was final. The customer was surprised but the manager just gave him a knowing look, and that is the end of it. Everything went smoothly again. Mikaela saw everything which had happened and she lovingly smiled at the manager.

It is a very rewarding feeling for a nightclub manager if he departs from the becoming “stereotype” of what a nightclub manager really does. A manager can say he really suffered different kinds of hardships in a very challenging milieu like the nightclub if he survived the challenges using good means. The manager we had seen in the scenario given above is not the type of manager who just goes with the flows and acts very submissive to his customers while sacrificing the welfare of his employees. He is the not the stereotype manager, he was able to deviate from the norms. He was able to make his own choice when put in a challenging situation which involved the welfare of his employees. Thus, these manners of a manager being labeled “deviant” are uncommon yet satisfying and admirable.

Furthermore, the people working in a nightclub are the embodiment of the nightclub per se. So, if a nightclub manager train his employees humanely, treat them with compassion, and pay them justly he will not just develop a good report with them but a deeper relationship. Nightclubs are just the perfect setting in creating a world of innovation and world of creativity to answer the last question. To do this or not to this is really the ultimate question when a club manager is thinking of marketing strategies which would attract more customers and to keep regular customers coming.

The manager who really wants good business not just sticks with his ultimate goal by being too focused about money. He still believes in “ends justify the means” in an acceptable way. Meaning, he does not eventually loses his heart to his staff and to his self in the process of making business good. Therefore, if his brain is really wired up with many good ideas, he will really give a damn if the welfare of his employees is at stake.

Money and business are not always the motivations of a nightclub manager. The conscience of a nightclub manager should not be put in his pockets where he can get it anytime he wants or completely pretends he forgets about it after some times. If this is the case, then he will be included to the shallow people of this world. It is hard to see oneself in front of the mirror with eyes close. A real advocate of a good business has a heart.

Now, the unacceptable and acceptable realities in the line of job of a nightclub manager have been laid down. And it is still safe from this point to say that the job of a nightclub manager is interesting, professional, and morally acceptable if the manager chooses to.

Nightclub managers really live different lifestyles but of course with their full consent, whether it will be based on moralities or immoralities, money or conscience, and life or death. There are nightclub managers who chose the road more traveled but more despised by the society and they do not care. There are those who stay clean at first but were taken with the flow and eventually join the ones despised by society. And there are those who depart from the majority and chose the road less traveled.  So, if I may say please choose the road less traveled, you are surely on the right track.


All details about the interviewee will remain confidential.

Interviewer:    Do you have a full control over your club?

Interviewee:    I have all the controls over my club.

Interviewer:    What are some of the concerns when one is a nightclub manager?

Interviewee:    As a manager I know I should be responsible in everything about this club like the operations as a whole, management, giving services to the customers, taking care of regular customers, approving what promos and gimmicks should be implemented to attract more customers, welfare of my employees, and of course as a whole how to make this business profitable, and so forth and so on.

Interviewer:     Oh I see. So, to what extent you can say that you really have the full control in this club?

Interviewee:    Being the owner and at the same time the manager, I have all the controls in making this business survive in the way I chose to. I have though of marketable strategies with the help of my employees.

Interviewer:     What do you do when your customers become demanding to some extent that it involves question of morality?

Interviewee:    My employees learned to accept my decisions but I consider first and foremost decisions which will do both my customers and employees’ welfare. My decision should be for the good of everybody. Though I have fallen in many kinds of dilemma many times, and I have handled them rightfully. I have some friends who are also managers of nightclub who resort to what is known “illicit activities” inside a club just to make their business good and I am not like them. When I first entered this business, I was able to separate myself with illegal activities because I still had my conscience.

Interviewer:     Well, I already have an idea about what you said, “Illicit Activities” so, I am wondering how do you handle, if you are involved or not involved in this kind of realities inside the nightclub?

Interviewee:    I chose not to get involved. You see I have my own choice. I proud to say right now that I survived many challenges a manager like me would encounter. I helped my employees because they helped me as well.

Interviewer:     You are not the stereotype nightclub manager other people think of, so what can you say about it?

Interviewee:    I can earn more money at the same time gain good and loyal friends on behalf of my employees and customers.

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