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Life and Finance

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Deadbeats stepsister its products under various international brands it is currently available in 92 countries online and in store Deadbeats monitors all aspects its working capital in order to achieve its financial objective of delivering the balance sheet and it does this by effectively managing the key performance indicators. In the External context, the retail industry is flooded with a large number of competitors producing similar products and serving the same markets.

The bargaining power of Popular brands like Next and Deadbeats is low as they are now competing with E-retailers ho are willing to offer similar goods at relatively low prices.

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In addition to this the increased level of globalization has opened up new markets (China)that were once inaccessible to customers this has further intensified the level of competition in the retail industry. On the other hand the bargaining power of the buyers is high as they face low switching costs from one retailer to another and a high variety of retailers to choose from.

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