Lies My teacher Told me chapter 2

The process by which people with controversial and fascinating lives are transformed into one dimensional figures with little to no flaws and may prove inconsistent with the things that make them interesting
Christopher Columbus
American history books ignore the many flaws that Christopher Columbus had and portray him as being more heroic than he truly was
Christopher Columbus pt 2
Columbus’ Voyage demonstrates america’s Islamophobia by blaming the Turks for cutting off they’re spice routes
The Analogy of the ladder
The Analogy of the ladder is utilized in order to show that powerful nations pull up the ladder as they reach a certain status of success. Also shows that analogy is critical for understanding history
The implications of Europeans
Passages state that the Europeans were lucky to be able to harness technology and have immunity from deadly diseases. Loewen Argues that if Native Americans were immune to these diseases history would have changed radically
The Belief that modern technology is A European invention
Textbooks imply and emphasize this belief ad do not acknowledge the outside achievements that aided society.
The textbooks ignore the achievements of the Phonecians and their influence as well as the influence of many non western societies upon the New World
Columbus V. other explorers
Explorers the precede Columbus do not experience the same recognition and is not mentioned often allowing for the ignorant belief that Europeans are superior to other races. However, Columbus receives undeserved praise as he proved lucky as Europeans new how to use their colonial territories to profit themselves.
Eurocentrism of History
Loewen compares textbooks to show that African and Irish Exploration of the Americas is biased and omits very important details. Loewen shows that West African exploration is dismissed meanwhile Irish exploration of the Americas is included
The fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms
The dramatization of History
History Textbooks provided dramatized interpretations of history and thus create a narrative that is somewhat exaggerated and not accurate
The Omission of Enslavement of Native Americans
Columbus’ excerpts differ from the hero archetype as he desired to enslave the natives to satisfy his taste for gold This was later compared to the Enslavement of Africans by the Europeans
The undeserved praise
Columbus has been proven to be a murderer and racist and is praised by textbooks despite theses characteristics. Textbooks rather censor the genocidal policies than address and defame Christopher Columbus
The Faults of The textbooks
Loewen points out textbooks omit discussions of other explores and criticizes textbook for simplifying and remaining optimistic for a situation that has been proven to be a crime against humanity.