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Ruby Villainies Moline Miss Kim 10 Semester September/2014 Lying for what? Secrets are everywhere, all around the world going back and forth, you see or heard them everywhere you go. Everyone has secrets, like the government, friends, teachers, including your family; but have you ever considered why do people lie? Why do we keep information? Why do we not speak or say all what we think? And what are the consequences if I lie?

People lie because of the fear of the consequence of truth, to appear to be important and to “protect” others. The reasons why people lie are so varied; now at days the two principal reasons are to avoid hurting the feelings of others or to solve or avoid uncomfortable situations; like when you tell the people you are “fine” when you are sad or depressed or when you say that you already have a plan when actually you don ‘t want to go out with someone, the common known as white lies.

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Another reason is to have a “good” self-esteem or being accepted by others exaggerating a situation (inventing stories) creating a fake impression to the there pretending being some else because she or he does not feel good about his or herself, in fact all of this is caused by the reason that she or he has a low self-esteem and they need to feel that someone worry about them; a good example of this is when you meet someone that doses ‘t want you to know who is he or who she really is, so they lie to you about their-selves.

And the last reason is to avoid others of feeling fear or be concerned; like the ones the government says because they need to pep some information in secret, but all of this is bad, at the end it becomes a bad and destructive habit or you get into a point where you can ‘t stop lying, because you need to protect one lie you have said and even if you want to say the true, you can ‘t (it becomes a vicious circle); like Steve H. Said: “lies grow, they never stand alone, they need more lies to support the first lie.

So, if you don’t fess up immediately… It grows like a cancer. It cannot be stopped; however all of this happens because we are not blew to say or hear the truth, we prefer to live on a fake reality that on the real world” When we lie, we are trying to deceive others, when in reality the only person you are fooling is yourself by trying to create a fake reality to Justify your mistakes and our lack of responsibility and actually at the end we end up believing them, a reality that we create.

Like I have said, lying can become a destructive habit, it can hurt everyone around, destroy the credibility of the people and create distance between the liar ND the lied, when really think about it, there is not a reason to say a lie because at the end the truth is always discovered and the main reason why you start lying you hurt it and you will end losing. Or example a friend asked you how does she/he looks on a cloth and he/she looks horrible and you lie to him/her because you don ‘t want to hurt him/her feelings and at the end he/she discovered the truth, she/he is not going to believe on you again and you also hurt her/his feelings; so what is the point of lying? At the end the principal person that gets hurt is you; but in the other way you told her/him that she/he looks horrible, the only think that could happen is that he/she gets changed and that is all.

Concluding all have said lying is bad decision that at the end the only person you are fooling more is you. So there is no reason to lie in any case, it is easy to say the truth first than then retract whatever you have said and try to regain the confidence of others after losing it, and that we have the ability to solve our problems and / or to adequately handle unexpected events. What happens is that we are such cowards that we decide to go for the “easy’ and “secure” side and at the end we end hurting ourselves.